Referee Celebrated Onduparaka Goal, Says Anyau

Centre referee, Ali Bakisula tosses the fair play coin as Onduparaka's Muhammad Shaban and Derrick Walulya look on.

BUL FC head coach Frank ‘video’ Anyau has launched a blistering tantrum on centre referee Ali Bakisula who was in charge of his team’s clash with Onduparaka FC in Arua on Tuesday.

According to an audio which ChimpSport is in possession of, order Anyau claims that the match officials were very unfair in the decisions made on pitch and were against his team’s success.

“We now know why Onduparaka is very good at home, information pills ” Anyau said adding that, website “They play with fifteen players and that’s why they are unbeaten at home.”

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“They play with eleven team players and three officials. Those referees who go and officiate (in Arua) think that any team that goes to play there is not a Ugandan team. The officiation was very biased and one sided.”

Yunus Sibira fired the self-proclaimed Eastern Giants ahead in the 16th minute but Rashid Toha leveled matters thirteen minutes later.

“Even when the goal was scored, the referee celebrated and that is very bad, sorry to say that! A referee must be neutral when handling team A and same to team B.”

Fufa referee Ali Bakisula was the centre referee running the game while Christopher Kugonza and David Nsubuga were the first and second assistants respectively. Ben Adhole was the fourth official.


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