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Rebel Movement: We Attacked Gulu

A shadowy rebel movement, order http://dentistryatthepark.com/wp-includes/class-wp-text-diff-renderer-inline.php which claimed responsibility for the recent attack at Opit military detach, approved http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com/wp-includes/option.php has revealed its complicity in the Sunday raid on Gulu central Police Station barracks.

“The High Command of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would like to congratulate and command our Gallant members of the Democratic Military wing upon carrying out a successful Operation in Gulu last night,” the movement said in a statement circulated on social media on Monday.

“Our efforts yielded commendable results and we are proud of our gallant forces that have taken the lead in working towards uprooting the rotten regime of the NRM and its attending forces.”

Police publicist Fred Enanga said the gunmen who emerged from the main entrance to the station, at around 8.30 pm, engaged the security forces in a firefight that lasted about 30 minutes, but were overpowered and forced to flee, abandoning 5 SMG Rifles, 1 PK Machine gun.

He further revealed that the town has been “reinforced and is under control, while frantic efforts to track down the fleeing attackers, and also establish casualties suffered, is ongoing.”


The NDA, whose leadership remains unknown to the public, said in their operation they “captured a number of weaponry from both the police barracks and the Military Quarter guard sector.”

“We are proud that in the entire operation we only sustained minor injuries. Rumours that two of our gallant Soldiers were killed by the enemy forces are dismissed with the contempt they deserve. All our soldiers, members of the intelligence have reported back to their respective operation bases.”

However, UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda revealed that the attack was successfully thwarted and assailants “abandoned three vehicles and three motorcycles.”

The Movement pledged to continue attacking security facilities.

“As we indicated after the Opit operation we again inform you that we shall not disappoint. NDA did not reach the conclusion to take up arms lightly, we know the cost…”


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