South Sudan

Rebel Generals: Machar Lost Control of 3 States

Gathoth Gatkuoth being interviewed by the media recently

Military generals in the South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF), website a splinter group from the main rebel movement, viagra buy SPLA-IO, have challenged Dr Riek Machar to show the international community that he controls the restive Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei States.

The battle hardened commanders including Gen Gatdet and Gathoth Gatkuoth said they maintain control over these stronghold areas which Machar selfishly used as his leverage to sign a peace agreement with South Sudan President Salva Kiir.

“Machar has deceived and duped the international community for his personal interest by claiming that he controls Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei states that does not hold any single truth,” said Gen Gathoth in a statement seen by ChimpReports on Tuesday morning.

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“I am the one who fought the government and captured Malakal three times without any directive from Machar on Dec 24, 2014, Jan 14, 2014, Feb 18, 2014,” he added.

“Simultaneously, Gen Gatdet captured Bor town in Jonglei State and Gen James Koang Chuol captured Bentiu.”

The rebel commanders’ allegation fit into government’s narrative that Machar has lost control of his commanders.

SPLA Chief-of-Staff Gen Paul Malong Awan said Monday that the “leadership of SPLM-IO has since lost control over the spoilers (Gen Gatdet’s group) in the field and the spoilers have already been fighting both the SPLA and the remnant of the forces of SPLM-IO. This is a fact which is commonly known by everybody.”

Malong said Malakal has since come under attacks from Gatdet’s group in addition to attacking supply boats of the SPLA which he said puts the lives of men and women aboard at risk.

In response, Gen Gathoth confirmed that SSAF attacked and destroyed three government barges that attacked their bases between Wathkech and Tonja in Upper Nile State on August 31.

Peace agreement

It is feared the internal power struggles in the rebel movement fighting President Kiir’s government could delay the implementation of the peace deal.

Gen Gathoth said the peace agreement signed between President Salva Kiir, Dr Riek Machar and Mr Pagan Amum “will not hold water due to lack of inclusive and wide range consultations” with other parties involved in this conflict.

“I am hereby assuring IGAD, AU and UN Security Council that the agreement signed by SPLM’s three factions is not comprehensive and will not see the light of the day,” he warned.

The General urged a second round of consolidated comprehensive peace talks to achieve lasting peace.

“Nobody can tolerate or listen to Riek Machar’s deceptions except the wishful thinkers. “

Gathoth said the ceasefire in Greater Upper Nile will never hold unless the peace is sustainable and comprehensive.


The SSAF blamed Machar for fomenting divisions among the Neur and betraying the founding father of South Sudan, Col John Garang leading to unprecedented levels of bloodshed in the 1990s.

Gathoth further said Machar failed as Vice President to Salva Kiir for 9 years, adding, “His name was on the top listed SPLM 75 most corrupt officials who have looted South Sudan public funds.”

Machar was further faulted for failing to enhance development services to the Neur lands and subjecting them to be beggars in their own country.

“He (Machar) failed to lead SPLM-IO due to lack of organisation and preparedness, vision, direction and dedication; running the movement as a personal enterprise by paying attention only to his wife and his in-law Taban Deng Gai. He assumed all positions particularly finance and logistics.”

Gathoth said the Neur did not fight for the “reunification of SPLM or to reinstate Dr Riek Machar back to his former position as the Vice President,” adding, “Since 1991 to 2015, Machar has let the blood of the Neur people in vain, leaving them devastated, impoverished, divided and underdeveloped due to his personal greed and selfish ambitions.”


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