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Rearrested Gulu Attack Mastermind Taken to Nalufenya

Plain clothed security officers rearrested last week

The Gulu attack suspected mastermind, erectile Dan Oola Odiya who was rearrested from Gulu High Court after his release has been taken to Police Flying Squad’s commanded special detention center, Nalufenya in Jinja district.

Odiya is suspected to have masterminded the 12th June 2016 attack on Gulu Central Police Station in Gulu town.

The audacious attack that was carried out using heavy offensive weapons including PKM, killed a UPDF officer and Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of Aswa region.

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Business in Gulu town was brought to a standstill for almost a week and returned people to the memories of the old days of Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency.

Oola and two other suspects were arrested a day after the incident and first detained at the UPDF’s 4th Division Gulu before being committed to court and later transferred to Gulu Prison.

On Thursday last week, Mr. Odiya who is also the UPC Secretary for Mobilization in the Joseph Bossa faction was released by the High Court Gulu and his two co-accused when the Directorate of Public Prosecution declined to continue with the case by entering Null Prosecui which the Court received and honored.

Armed security operatives in civilian clothes using a private tinted car stormed the court premises and rearrested Odiya.

The security took Odiya to unknown location. Family sources told ChimpReports on Wednesday night that Odiya has been taken to Nalufenya.

“We have been told that he is in Nalufenya and we are still trying to see that way of going to visit him,” one of the family members who asked not to be named said. T

he Police Spokesman Felix Kaweesi on Monday said Odiya is going to be court martialed.

Efforts to get a confirmation from him concerning the presence of Odiya in Nalufenya were futile since he did not pick our repeated calls.


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