Re-establish Cooperatives – UPC advises NRM

UPC Spokesperson Micheal Osinde addressing journalists at Uganda House on Wednesday

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has advised the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government to re-establish and strengthen Cooperative Unions and Marketing boards as the only way of boosting the Agricultural sector.

This call comes at a time when the country is preparing to celebrate the Cooperative Week which was established during the UPC governments of 1962- 1971 and 1980- 1985.

“UPC joins the rest of the people of Uganda in celebrating the Cooperative Week; UPC is a party of peasant farmers, troche workers, prostate youth, women and ideas and is committed to addressing the challenges and problems experienced in the Agricultural sector” noted the party Spokesperson, Michael Orach Osinde during the weekly press briefing.

Osinde said that both UPC governments invested heavily in agriculture which brought about real economic growth and development.

“The basis of the economic growth and development was the cooperative unions and the Agricultural Marketing Board as well as the Producer Marketing Board,” Osinde said.

“We therefore advise government to re-establish the Cooperative Unions as well as the Marketing Boards; revive the Cooperative Bank so as to enable farmers access agricultural loans and credit facilities.”

Osinde called on government to ensure that the availability of extension services is increased to farmers as well as better facilitation to the workers that help advise and supervise farmers.

“Increase the National Budget allocation for Agriculture including cooperatives, to a level in compliance with the Maputo Declaration’s recommendation of 13 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

UPC believes that the current SACCOs that were established by the NRM government to replace Cooperative Unions have done less in boosting the Agricultural sector in the country and the economy at large.


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