RDCs Warned on Early 2016 Campaigns

Tumwebaze with RDCs at NALI

The presidency has sternly warned Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) who have abdicated their duties to engage in early campaigns for elective positions ahead of the 2016 elections, saying such conduct is “wrong” and “unacceptable.”

It is understood that at least 47 RDCs intend to contest for positions of MPs in their respective areas of birth.

Many spend less time on executing their duties only to travel to their constituencies to lay ground for their campaign networks.

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“For those of you intending to enter elective politics, the constitution and other laws give a chance to do so,  ” said Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze on Monday in his address to RDCs, Deputy RDCs and DISOs at the Annual Retreat held at the National Leadership Institute (NALI).

“You should also know the procedure to take.  However it is very wrong for some of you to abandon your stations and relocate to your prospective constituencies to engage in early politicking.  This is not acceptable.”

According to the Constitution, it’s now 11 months to the next polling day and a maximum of 7 months to the nomination day for the next general elections.

The Electoral Commission has since published a roadmap for the next election.

Update of the National Register begins on April 7 and ends April, 30, 2015.

Nomination of candidates for Village Youth, PWDs and Elder persons is slated for June 5-16 June 2015 and the display of National Register from June 2-22 while the nomination of presidential candidates begins on October 5 to 6, 2015.

The law bars any prospective candidates from engaging in early campaigns.

Tumwebaze said he had given “instructions to the secretary Office of the President to meet all of you concerned for proper advice. Engaging in Partisan politicking is also an issue many of you ought to be cautious about especially as we approach the election period.”

He concluded: “Do not engage in local politics. You should by all means strive to be above the divisive local politics and stick to your roles of inspection and security coordination.”


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