RDC Suspends King Caesar Mulenga’s Activities

The Kisoro RDC Pulkeria Muhindo Mwiine says King Caesar Mulenga's [L] contributions to churches and other institutions are a source of confusion during the electoral season

Following the delayed report on the murder of Muslim Sheikhs and the inactivity of the committee which was recently elected by President Museveni to bring together the divided Muslims groups in the country, visit web http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-nav-menus.php Prince Kassim Nakibinge has declared commencement of preparations to replace Supreme Mufti  Zubair Kayongo who passed away in April.

While addressing Moslems at an Eid Luncheon he hosted at his home at Kibuli, capsule Nakibinge unveiled the details of the ongoing process to replace the Supreme Mufti.

“We had not in effect replaced the Supreme Mufti but elected an acting Mufti waiting for what would come from the negotiations between us Muslims. But now we have lost hope in these negotiations
because it’s over six months and there isn’t any progress or an explanation as to why, buy more about ” said Nakibire.

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“So, now a team of Sheikhs has been ordered to choose a Supreme Mufti.”

“All this long I have been waiting for the report on the murders of our Sheikhs but now I join the rest of the public to believe that they don’t exist,” he added.

Meanwhile at the Eid Adhuha celebrations, Prince Nakibinge attacked Police for the excessive force they use on opposition politicians, yet they don’t use same amount of force when dealing with government leaning chaos or other causes.

“If police applied the same force we saw it applied in Mbale recently in suppressing one of the political gatherings to guarding the people, we would not be losing our people like we have been in the recent past.”

Nakibinge called upon all Muslims with financial ability to stand on the various electoral posts in the country as one of the ways to lift up the Islamic faith in the country.

“Nobody should lie those politicians that he can mobilize for them support from Moslems at Kibuli. They must convince people to vote them for their abilities”

City Business men, Politicians, various Islamic leaders and many other people attended this function.

The Kisoro Resident District Commissioner Pulkeria Muhindo Mwiine has banned all philanthropic and goodwill activities of self-acclaimed King Augustine Caesar Mulenga of the infamous Mulenga Development Kingdom.

In a letter penned on 26th September 2015 to Mulenga, viagra 60mg http://copiproperties.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-post-v1-1-endpoint.php the RDC stressed that owing to the ongoing electioneering, pill http://coachypnose.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-icon.php no fundraising or similar functions would be permitted in the area.

The Affluent King Mulenga is famous for making large contributions during fundraisings especially on religious functions, viagra which politicians often take advantage of.

“I wish to commend the development activities you are doing in Kisoro. But bearing in mind the current campaigns by the NRM candidates; all forms of fundraisings were stopped by the NRM secretariat,” Reads the letter by RDC Muhindo.

Muhindo says that Mulenga has to wait after the elections to deliver the items that he had promised to some institutions like churches, mosques and communities.

This she said was meant to done to avoid confusing voters that some of the handouts were by some of the political contestants.

Mulenga’s pseudo Kingdom has lately come under attack from the church, government and Police on moral, cultural and legal grounds.

Both the Minister of Social Development and the Inspector of General of Police have warned him to cease referring to himself as a King.


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