Public Service Refuses to Renew 60-year-old Foreign Affairs Chief’s Contract


The Public Service Ministry has rejected a request to renew the contract of a high ranking government official who has already clocked his retirement age.

Ambassador David Etuket Emunyu, check 60, viagra wanted to retain his position as Director International Cooperation.

According to the 1995 constitution, view retirement age for all public officials is at 60 years

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ChimpReports understands that on January 9, 2013, Foreign Affairs Ministry Permanent Secretary Patrick Mugoya wrote to Public Service Ministry seeking the extension of Emunyu’s term of service.

In response, the Public Service Permanent Secretary Catherine Birakwate said she “notes” and “appreciates” Emunyu’s concerns but didn’t buy the idea.

Section A-I of the Uganda Public Service standing orders stipulates that government may employ a pensioner or contract if the post to be filled requires special skills and there is no suitable candidate available for the post.

Basing on this provision, Birakwate said the “recommendation for appointment on local contract has not been accepted.” This implies someone else could take over from Emunyu upon his retirement.

The development comes against the backdrop of widely publicized reports of public servants attempting to quietly change their dates of birth following the biometric validation and matching their data with National Identification Register.

Arising out of this exercise, some public officials’ dates of birth on the Integrated Personnel and Payroll system did not tally with the dates on the National Identification Register.

Similarly, for some public officers, the requests for the change of dates of birth were submitted when they are approaching the time of attainment of the mandatory retirement age, which created doubt of their intentions.

Foreign Affairs Head of Public Diplomacy Margaret Kafeero told ChimpReports that the Ministry is not in receipt of the letter.

“Even if it is received we cannot discuss HR matters in the press,” she noted.

In a recent letter, Birakwate emphasized that the ministry would continue to uphold dates that were declared upon appointment of the officials, advising heads of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies to inform the concerned parties.

Birakwate directed that Emunyu’s post be “declared for filling by public service commission through a competitive process.”


Sources at the Ministry told this website that Amb Emunyu is currently chairing the steering committee handling the transition of the Ministry into the new structure.

“We are right in the middle of it and it is a long tedious process which he has handled skillfully. It is supposed to start in full gear on July 1,” the source added, preferring anonymity so as to speak freely.

“His retirement date is supposedly in May. Whereas this is a job any Grade 1 officer can handle it is in my view challenging to change that leadership at such a crucial period. I strongly believe that it is in this spirit that the PS made the recommendation.”


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