Public Reacts to Otunnu’s Overthrow

Otunnu [in black] surrounded by Akena's supporters on Friday at Uganda House [Photo by Nixon Segawa]

Ugandans have angrily reacted to the actions of Uganda People’s Congress leaders on Friday, unhealthy http://cenariospizza.com/wp-includes/class-wp-text-diff-renderer-table.php notably supporters of incoming party president Jimmy Akena against outgoing president Dr Olara Otunnu.

The saga began last week when Akena was voted UPC President by party district delegates across the country amidst contestation of reported irregularities which among others include use of money to buy voters.

Akena’s supporters gathered at the party headquarters on Monday evening and forced the party electoral commission to declare him the winner.

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This however didn’t go on well with Otunnu who immediately constituted a 5 members election review board to handle petitions and all other irregularities.

Suspicious Akena supporters saw the move as aimed at overturning the results which were announced on Monday who then rounded up Otunnu in his office forcing him to denounce his move and rather declare Akena as the party president.

The supporters have since taken up control of the party headquarters in Kampala and constituted a transition committee to handle all activities leading to the National Council meeting and Delegates Conference.

This has sparked off a hot debate on several social media platforms were several members of the public are left wondering Akena’s agenda and the future of one of the oldest parties in the country.

Morris P’lorenga says the conduct of the Akena group at Uganda House is simply despicable. It shows how immature and angry they are, prescription http://cloudninerealtime.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/myaccount/form-login.php at having Uganda House unto their claws. But trust that owning an empty building will be a reality as UPC will alienate itself from organized people out there. You are all lucky it is only Dr Olara Otunnu, the Diplomat who never ever chased even a fly. It would have gotten just bloody out there on the 6th floor tonight!!!

Peter Odoko: That is how stupid the human instinct can be. Why would the Akena youth not respect the elders? The election of Akena has hammered the last nail on UPC coffin.

However, other members continued to support the actions saying its time up for Otunu and he should have relinquished power a long time ago since the end of his term as the party president.

Harriet Penrod observed; “Otunnu had his time and chance, can we let H.E Akena play his roles. Wama Akena do what you see works best to restore the party’s image. I Love you my president Jimmy Akena.”

Opio Joseph wondered how Otunu faction could think of overturning the results: “My brother how are they going to hijack the victory and give Bosa, Ugandans all know who won, if they do that then it will justify the NRA bush warlords who claim the 1980 elections were rigged, I doubt they can try anything like that. That would be disastrous, let’s wait for the delegates conference.”

David Otim: Hon James Akena go on let the haters and liars swallow their own vomit and die now as they are a shame, the criminal Olara Otunnu and his vice are agents of anti democracy. How could they think of overturning the people’s victory damn it you non UPC trying to criticize our struggle you are strangers and intruders your time has come to pass with your leader Olara Otunnu.



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