PROTESTS: Kenyatta Warns Defiant Odinga

Kenyatta meeting with Wajir leaders at the County Commissioner's residence to discuss the development agenda of Wajir County

The Law is clear on disbanding the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), adiposity President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

His comments come high on the heels of violent protests in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi with opposition demanding the resignation of electoral commission officials ahead of the 2017 elections.

Opposition strongman Raila Odinga this week said their actions are meant to “further communicate to Parliament that the issue of the IEBC commissioners cannot be decided on a partisan basis to achieve selfish political objectives.”

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He added: “Moreover, viagra our peaceful picketing is meant to communicate to the Jubilee Administration that it cannot protect the commissioners of the IEBC from the law and from a moral and conscientious duty to resign and expect that Cord will foolishly accept to participate in another election conducted by them.”

On his part, viagra Kenyatta asked the opposition to follow the law if they genuinely wanted to reform the country electoral body, “I have no powers to disband IEBC.”

The President reminded the opposition that the Constitution –which they participated in its passage – clearly sets out the procedures to be followed if one wanted to disband IEBC, pointing out that demonstrations and breaking the law will not help in any way.

“I took an oath to defend the Constitution and will not break the law nor allow others to do so. We cannot agree to do that which is against the law and our Constitution just to please a few individuals,” President Kenyatta said.

The President spoke at Elwak, Wargadud and Rhamu towns in Mandera County after launching development projects at the start of his three-day visit to the North Eastern region.

Odinga said Cord are leading peaceful pickets to “tell all Kenyans that they must not sit back and watch their sovereignty abused and their aspirations betrayed by an irresponsible and unaccountable regime.

“That is why we are returning to the streets on Monday. We are confident that the constitution is on our side as we demonstrate and we will remain defiant and undeterred by the violent reactions of the police towards us.”

Kenyatta warns

Protests in Nairobi have since sparked off concerns that the country could be slide into the chaos ahead of the elections.

Ugly scenes from the post-2007 election violence shocked the world. Thousands of lives were taken during the conflict.

Kenyatta said the country will not progress and achieve its development aspiration if the law is not respected, adding that nobody is above the law.

The Head of State urged the opposition to exercise mature and issue-based politics instead of using illegal means to attract undue attention.


On unity, President Kenyatta emphasized his determination to unite the country through formation of the Jubilee party.

“We are keen to see the country is united and that is why we want to form one party – the Jubilee Party – that will bring all Kenyans together,” President Kenyatta said.

Speaking during the visit, Deputy President William Ruto said the Jubilee Government was ready for constructive talks on national issues but it will not participate in using illegal means to disband the IEBC.

“We are ready to work with all leaders in uniting the country but will not tolerate violence and any attempts to disregarding the Constitution,” Deputy President Ruto said.

The Deputy President emphasized that there are more civilized ways of resolving any issue concerning the IEBC instead of engaging in demonstration and destruction of property.

“There are legal, constitutional and progressive ways of addressing issues without violence and shedding blood through demonstration,’ the Deputy President said.

On their part, residents of the three towns led by their leaders assured the President and his deputy of their support.

By a show of hand, they condemned the demonstrations by the opposition, saying they are not adding any value to the country’s economic growth.


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