Protests as Man Stabs Ugandan Student to Death in India

RIP: Florence Nakakayi was reportedly stabbed to death in India yesterday morning

Chaos erupted yesterday morning at a local police station in Bangalore, ailment in the Indian State of Karnataka, drugs which was surrounded by a group of protesting Ugandans, capsule after one of their own was stabbed to death.

24 year old Florence Nakakayi, a BBM Student at a Private University in the state capital was reportedly stabbed to death by a local young man in a drunken scuffle.

Police identified the killer only as Ishaan, aged 27 from Himachal Pradesh, in Kothanur.

Ishaan, an M Tech graduate was reportedly looking for a job in Bengaluru while also working as a part-time tutor.

Police in the area says the Ugandan girl met Ishaan at Brigade Road on Wednesday evening.

He approached her for sex and both made a deal for 5000 Rupees (about 260,000shillings). But upon reaching the girl’s residence, another man joined them which prompted her to double the price to Rs 10,000.

“A fight broke out between Florence and Ishaan over the same and in a fit of rage, Ishan stabbed Florence with the knife he had carried,” local media reported yesterday.

Police says both Nakakayi and Ishaan were drunk at the moment.

The incident took place between 1.30 and 2 am at her second floor house in Thimmegowda Layout, near the Kothanur bus stand.

On hearing the screaming, the Landlady rushed to the floor and locked the door, trapping the killer inside, and as neighbors started gathering, police also arrived and arrested Ishaan.

A group of Ugandans marched from the murder scene to the police station where the killer was detained, and here they were joined by a number of other foreign nationals in protest.

Local media reported that three officials from the Ugandan High Commission, besides the Ugandan ambassador to India, will be coming to Bengaluru today Friday.


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