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Protest as Gov’t Seeks Besigye Trial at Luzira court

Government has put in a formal request asking the Nakawa Magistrate’s court to allow former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye be arraigned before a court in Luzira – not far away from the prison where he is jailed.

Besigye was Wednesday morning expected to appear before the Nakawa chief Magistrate James Eremye for the hearing of charges slapped against him by the state.

However, purchase prosecution led by Lino Anguzo asked the chief Magistrate to allow Besigye face court in Luzira.

“The Constitution allows you to sit at any place of the jurisdiction. The building in Luzira was designated by the Chief Justice as a court, website like this ” Anguzo told the Nakawa chief Magistrate.

“The court in Luzira is at a shorter distance from the prison than it is to here.”

The prosecutor told court that Luzira will be more convenient and the accused will appear without any difficulties adding that the distance to Nakawa court is an inconvenience to the security.

“We request that you issue a production warrant for the accused to appear in Luzira court, purchase ” Anguzo said.

However the Nakawa chief Magistrate said he would rule on the request on June 15, adding that on the same date, Besigye should be brought to his court.

According to the prosecution, Besigye and others still at large “between February 20 and May 11 in diverse places of Uganda formed an intention to compel by force or constrain the Government of Uganda, as by law established, to change its measures or counsels as the lawfully established methods of ascending to the Office of President of the Republic of Uganda as by law prescribed ad manifested such intention by covert acts and utterances.”

Prosecution contends that Besigye at various places in Wakiso and Kampala districts demanded for an independent international audit be conducted before a new President can be sworn-in.

“On April 7, at Kasangati in Wakiso District, Besigye uttered words to the effect that he would establish a cabinet for Uganda,” reads part of the charge sheet seen by ChimpReports.

Between Feb. 20 and May 11, according to prosecution, Besigye “unlawfully declared himself winner of the presidential elections 2016” and “incited the public to defy lawful authority and mobilised the masses to attend his swearing-in as president of Uganda.”

Besigye, who disputes the results of the February 18 presidential elections, is further accused of “unlawfully taking presidential oath and undertaking to execute the functions and duties of the president of Uganda.”

Earlier while addressing journalists, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago called for an expeditious process that would see Besigye know his fate.

Meanwhile, opposition activists led by Erias Lukwago, Mugisha Muntu, Winnie Kiiza, Ssemujju Nganda and Mugisha Muntu have refused to vacate the court room.

They have chosen to lock themselves inside court to protest Besigye’s detention.


One of Besigye’s lawyers, Medard Sseggona expressed worries over state’s insistence that their client appears at the Luzira court.

He questioned claims that security is threatened by the distance from prisons to the Nakawa Magistrate’s court.

He said this is only intended to hoodwink opposition supporters.

According to Lukwago, this is a manifestation of total breakdown of the rule of law in the country.

“We condemn it as a nation. It is real drama taking place in court. It was planned somewhere and now being played here in court,” Lukwago told journalists.


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