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Prosecutors Strike Halts AIGP Kaweesi Murder Trial

Andrew Felix Kaweesi was gunned down in march this year

The trial of suspects in the murder of former police Spokesperson person AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi flopped today, as a result of prosecutors in the country going on strike.

The prosecutors resumed a strike against low pay, after the lapse of the 90-day ultimatum which they had given to government to address their grievances.

Under the umbrella Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP), the prosecutors demand a minimum salary of lowest ranking officials raised to at least Shs9m and Shs40m for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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Their strike has however paralyzed court business in Kampala today.

The lowest ranking State Prosecutor currently earns Shs645,000.

A Senior Principal State Attorney earns Shs2.1m, the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution earns Shs2.9m, and the Assistant DPP earns Shs2.4m, while the DPP earns Shs11m.

The government had committed to increase salaries of state prosecutors days after they laid down their tools in July, which didn’t come to pass, hence the resumed strike, which has seen cases flop.

One of the cases that flopped was against 24 men accused of allegedly murdering Kaweesi, his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and his Driver Godfrey Wambewo.

The suspects are charged with Terrorism, murder and aggravated robbery in relation to the gruesome shooting of the three police officers on March 18, 2017, in Kulambiro, a suburb of Kampala.

Following the development, Nakawa Grade 1 Magistrate Noah Sajjabbi said that; “Hearing of the case cannot continue in the absence of state prosecutors.”

He later adjourned the hearing to October 24, 2017.


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