Prosecution Warned Against Delaying Kabamba Trial

Kabamba Barracks attack suspects in dock

Makindye General Court martial chairman Lt Gen Andrew Gutti has ordered the State Prosecution in the case where 14 people are accused of attacking Kabamba Army Barracks to serve the defense with all the

relevant statements in this matter to facilitate an expeditious trial which has dragged on since 2014.

The issuance of this order came after State produced a fifth witness which the defense Counsel Fredrick Semwanga objected to on grounds that he had not yet perused through the witness statements.

“The constitution gives accused persons a right to disclosure and the right to get access for adequate preparation. We have just received another file from the prosecution this morning so I have not been able to peruse through its contents, sildenafil ” pleaded Semwanga.

The court Chairman this ordered the lead prosecutor Maj Raphael Mugisha to serve the defense with all required documents before the next hearing of the matter.

Earlier, drug Badru Lutaaya Ssemwanga a transcriber from Uganda Broadcasting Service (UBC) was cross examined on the files he transcribed and translated from the recordings purportedly obtained from the meetings of the suspects as they planned the Kabamba attack.

Lutaaya however found a difficult time convincing the defense that he was the one who owned these documents.

On being asked about a paper insertion in the transcribed report Ssemwanga denied it and pointed out that the other inconsistencies in the report were errors.

“I don’t know who inserted that paper I have no interest in the case, clinic it’s an error and I don’t know how I forgot,” he said.

Ssemwanaga Badru further added that his role started after he received instructions from His supervisor at UBC Florence Bonabona and later handed her the work after finalizing.

Further hearing of the case has been adjourned to Monday 16th January 2016.



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