PROFILE: Traffica, the App That Could Help You Beat Kampala Traffic

Traffica will help you beat traffic

A group of young innovators have come up with a new mobile application that could help Kampala road users move around Kampala and surrounding areas more easily.

Under their company, GreatMinds, five young application developers under the names of Steven Kyanda, Jacob Waswa, Muzafaru Naserenga, Reagan Bbengo, Babra Mugyeni and Lydia Sanyu came up with their first public application after making trials for other many useful applications.

According to Kyada, one of the developers this app is in response to the devastating Kampala traffic jam trigged by over population and poor city development structure and management.

“We wanted to develop something that can solve a problem that’s facing a common Ugandan; we came up with Traffica because traffic jam is one of the biggest problems that faces road users in Kampala. With this App, road users are able to share real time updates about traffic situation on different focal roads,” said Kyada.

Named Traffica, the application is already on Google Play store and can be used by all android phone users.

On how it’s used, Waswa, one of the founders of GreatMinds noted that all the user needs is to have MBS on their phone to be able to download the app and keep online.

Waswa during the interview with ChimpReports

Waswa during the interview with ChimpReports

“It is a free application that is very useful especially if you want to avoid traffic; all you need is to creat an account with the app and then be able to make a contributions. So far we have over 400 users and we are hoping to get more users,” said waswa.

About what motivated them, Waswa said him and Sanyu used to work for an application development firm 2 years back that paid them peanuts yet it was earning a lot from the applications so they came up with an idea of self-employment and formed a company.

“Being just an employee wasn’t enough for us, we realised that we had potential to build any kind of application on our own and devices to start our own company,” Waswa said.

“Later, we invited in other guys depending on the need at the moment and their capabilities. So we are a team of dedicated developers, marketers and we all appreciate the different roles played by each of us”.

“The application has other built in services. We are able to give safe driving tips to our users as well as remind them overtime about the importance of following traffic rules. We also have an advisory where we refer our users to different products; this is one way we are making money through advertising for companies,” added Naserenga.

He continues, “Contrary to other applications, Traffica is very light, about 1.5mbs. And it is data friendly hence it’s easy for any road users who have an android phone to use. We therefore encourage Ugandans especially those who have private cars to take advantage of this application because it is very useful”.

On future plans, Waswa noted that they intend to develop it more to accommodate other phone types as well as put other services according to the needs of users.


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