Professional Standards Unit Asked to Investigate Kayihura First

DP spokesperson Kakande addressing journalists at City House on Tuesday

The Democratic Party (DP) has with caution welcomed the move by the Professional Standards Unit to investigate its members over the increased brutality and torture of innocent civilians.

“We take serious offence with the manner in which the Uganda Police has handled itself in the past week especially following the events relating to the release of the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, page Dr. Kizza Besigye where several innocent Ugandans were clobbered by officers in uniform, ” said the party spokesperson, Kenneth Paul Kakande while addressing the media on Tuesday.

Kakande noted that the police disciplinary department taking up the matter and asking officers responsible for the horrific scenes to appear before the organ, is a welcome development although it has only targeted the junior officers.

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“We note that the main commandant in this heinous and most unfortunate activity is not among those to appear before the police organ,” Kakande observed.

The DP mouthpiece asked that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura be investigated first since he has come out openly to condone the acts applauding the officers that commanded the operation which left many Ugandans injured.

“Gen. Kayihura has since condoned these atrocious undertakings to the extent of suggesting that they are officially sanctioned; the General should be among those to be subjected to the disciplinary process of the police.”

“We wish to state that in other more civilized and democratic societies, for a public officer in Gen. Kayihura’s position who owns such activities should have already resigned to pave way for independent investigations.”

The opposition party has therefore demanded for a well constituted independent commission of inquiry to investigate the conduct of Gen. Kayihura over many allegations of supporting groups that ‘terrorize’ Ugandans.

“Other reports of police working with criminals to terrorize citizens should also be part of the inquest and we demand that all those found guilty should be discharged from the police in disgrace and those who were injured in any way during such senseless undertakings be adequately compensated.”


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