Election 2016

Prof. Kanyeihamba Speaks Out on Elections, Asks Besigye to Petition Results

Prof George Kanyeihamba

Locals in Nyaruziba B Mukikojo in Kagadi Town Council, price http://channelingerik.com/wp-includes/class-wp-http-proxy.php Kibaale district are engulfed shock and disbelief, generic http://cinsellikteperformans.com/templates/yoo_sync/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_content/categories/default.php after they woke up Friday morning to find an ancestral tree which fell about three years ago standing  upright.

Chimpreports was told there was a stampede as locals rushed to witness this bizarre development.

The Natal Fig tree known locally as Mutooma (Ficus natalensis) according to residents, healing sprouted many years ago from one Musudi Swale’s shrine.

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The tree, which had gown enormously, was in 2012 hurled down by a heavy storm that hit the village.

For the last three years, residents have been splitting fire wood off the dried trunk.

On Friday morning however, to the shock of everyone, what remained of the trunk was found standing erect with its roots buried firmly back into the ground.

72 year old Faule Kamathe, one of the village elders told Chimpreports that in his life he had never seen anything like that.

Rumors started spreading like wild fire that the incident was announcing a bad omen on the village. There is also strong anticipation that the tree will grow its leaves again within days.

One of the religious leaders Yosiya Tuhaise linked the bizarre development to end time signs indicated in the Holy Bible.

However, another Rev Kunihira of Kagadi Town Council told us that this was not the first of its kind in his memory.

He cited in 1969, a fallen tree in Kenga Kagadi Town Council which also rose again and another one in Kasubi Kampala in the 1970s, which was de-roofed  by strong winds only to be found moments later standing upright with its entire shoot.
Retired Supreme Court Judge and former Attorney General, pharm http://channelingerik.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-site-endpoint.php Prof George Wilson Kanyeihamba has commented on the concluded general elections saying there was evidence of manipulation of results to favor the incumbent President Museveni.

The controversial legal practitioner told Chimpreports on Saturday that there was influence peddling in the electoral process especially at district level by the state among other discrepancies.
“I was watching NBS TV on the evening of Friday 19 and they were airing live results from different district returning officers. At the start, Museveni was in lead with 55.8% while Kizza Besigye had 40%. Gradually, Museveni’s percentage continued to dwindle as Besigye rose to 52% and 43% respectively,” narrated Kanyeihamba.

He however notes that when the broadcast shifted focus to Jinja district where results were being declared by the returning officer, she suddenly ignored the results she was holding after being handed different ones.

According to Kanyeihamba, it was evident that the tense officer, fidgeting with a shocked facial expression, was under influence by invincible forces not to read out the new results.

He recounts that at the moment, the cameras went dark only for the broadcast to resume with the caption; ‘Provisional Results from Electoral Commission’ which placed ‘Museveni in lead With 63.9% and Besigye 32.4%.’ This he says was sustained until Saturday morning.

“Clearly, this was not true and the tallying system was being manipulated to give wrong results. Like I observed in the past, Uganda will never be the same after the 2016 elections.”

On whether he supports a re-run or a unity government as Maj. Gen. Benon Biraaro proposed to Besigye recently, Prof. Kanyeihamba objected saying; “I don’t support a re-run or forming a coalition government. I encourage Kizza Besigye to go to the Supreme Court since there are all indications that he won the election. He should present his evidence and if the court isn’t compromised, he will be declared winner.”

While Kayeihamba proposes that the FDC candidate seeks legal redress, the latter continues to be placed under preventive arrest at his home and denied freedom of movement by police.

Many remain skeptical about his chances of meeting the Electoral Commission 10 days deadline in which candidates should petition the election outcomes.

Kanyeihamba termed the conduct of police as a ‘disgrace’ and a situation that is ‘beyond a dictatorship’. He says it defies the will of the people and violates human rights.

“Under which law is defiance an offence? Must one police arrest someone countless times with no charges just because they imagine he is likely to commit crimes?” questions one of Uganda’s seasoned law practitioners adding that; “The powers that be are brewing problems for themselves. If the ten days pass and Besigye hasn’t expressed his constitutional right to file a petition, Uganda will be going in an unmarked territory of confusion.”

Meanwhile, Prof. Kanyeihamba was on Friday stopped by Police from going to Makerere University where he was supposed to present a paper titled; “Comment on the Presidential Election of 2016. Fact or Fiction” saying it would spark out violence among students given the current political circumstances.

“I was warned by the police not to go to Makerere University where I was supposed to deliver my annual public lecture. They said that am known to be so open and I could end up provoking students to riot or be harmed in the chaos,” Prof. Kanyeihamba told Chimpreports in a telephone interview.

He proceeded to say; “Of course it was unfortunate but I accepted their advice and instead made notes which I forwarded and were discussed. The students said they would invite me at a later time.”

Prof. Kanyeihamba was part of the 3 Supreme Court justices who ruled that the 2006 Presidential election which gave President Museveni a third term was fraudulent enough to be nullified. He has come out often times to criticize Museveni’s administration for gross violation of the constitution.


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