Prof Baryamureeba To Quit as UTAMU VC

Grief on Sunday engulfed students at African College of Commerce and technology (ACCT) in Kabale district when one of their own died while procuring unsafe abortion.

Sarah Uwimana who hails from Nyakabande in Kisoro district was pursuing a diploma in records management in her second year, visit this site staying in the school hostel in Kekubo cell Kirigime ward.

After executing the abortion Uwimana is said to have returned feeling just fine. But later in the evening she complained of bodily pains, for sale and at 3 am when the situation worsened, abortion she was rushed to a local Anguyo clinic, bleeding profusely. She was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Adrian Ndemere, the College’s Director narrated that the student attempted to abort after the college announced it would carry out a medical checkup on all female students.

Ndemere added that four other students at the college had been sent home to bring their parents after they were found pregnant.

Her body was laid to rest on Monday at her ancestral in Kanyabukungu village   Gisorora parish,Nyakabande sub county in Kisoro District.

Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) Board Chairman, information pills Prof. Joseph Kasumba Ssewanyana has Tuesday revealed that the university is set for a leadership transition where the Vice Chancellor, viagra sale Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba step aside.

Speaking to journalists at the University’s campus in Kampala, Prof. Ssewanyana revealed that Prof. Baryamureeba will be retiring from his office within the next one year and the University is currently in the process of searching for his replacement.

“The new Vice Chancellor will be introduced on September 26 during the university’s first ever graduation ceremony after a two year period of its existence and service,” Ssewanyana said.

Ssewanyana added that the VC will be officially handing over the institute at the end of March after a transition period of six months to allow effective leadership transfer.

On his turn, Prof. Baryamureeba told journalists that for long, the issue of power transition has affected the country and caused many institutions to fail to out-live their founders.

“I believe an institution should be independent of individuals such that with or without such individuals, it could still operate to its expectations.”

“We have groomed so many Vice Chancellors within the University and we can still source outside. We have set the pace and we will achieve; I feel I should handover.”

Baryamureeba further revealed that the university’s graduation will be presided over by the university’s Chancellor, Hon Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka where 250 students will be awarded with Post Graduate Diplomas.

“The university will be graduating its first lot of students with post graduate diplomas and the second lot will be graduating next year.”

UTAMU officially opened its doors to students on September 7, 2012, after its founder Baryamureeba quit his VC job at Makerere University.

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