Private Sector Wants More Investment in Skilling Human Resource

Peter Kimbowa, a Managing Partner at IFE Consultants Ltd speaking at a breakfast meeting at Serena Hotel on Wednesday. (Photo by: Paul Ampurire/ChimpReports)

Go beyond, patient there’s increasing need to invest in socio-emotional skills and character development in the working environment, click private sector players have said.

They say that human resource being the most critical aspect of any organization, employers must invest in improving their employees’ competencies beyond academic qualifications.

Peter Kimbowa, a Managing Partner at IFE Consultants Ltd expressed concern over the increasing cases of corruption and less productivity in positions held by highly qualified individuals. He was speaking at a breakfast meeting organized by AMSCO at Kampala Serena Hotel on Wednesday.

“Human resource cannot be appraised on education qualification but a comprehensive performance assessment that combines resourcefulness, positive energy and how vigorous one is,” Kimbowa said.

“Uganda has very many Degree holders but it remains the least developed country in East Africa. When we talk about corruption, people think about government but there’s lot of it happening in the corporate world as well.”

Kimbowa opines that values of integrity have been eroded because families, government and companies have ignored building individual character which is key in leadership. He proposed that entities must take initiative, take their staff through trainings to inculcate these values.

Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) Executive Director, Gideon Badagawa hinted on the gap that exists in Ugandans’ employability. He too advocated for mandatory orientation both in the private and public sectors.

“Most of our leaders and managers lack the capacity to lead. We need to make it mandatory for trainings that aim at building character.”

He said that the recent conduct of the Parliament and civil servants in general points to a lack of good leadership skills.

It is however worth noting that amidst the turbulences in both global and local economy, several companies and organizations are scaling down their operational costs and unfortunately the staffing is always the first target.

This, tied with increased reliance on ICT makes it more difficult to push for investment in human resource a myth.

It is estimated that in Africa, the private sector is responsible for 70% of output, 70% of investment and 90% of employment.


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