Private Education Dev’t Network Unveils Campaign to Support Girls’ Education

Private Education Development Network (PEDN) in partnership with Feed the Future Uganda Youth Leadership for Agriculture a USAID – funded project are undertaking a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of girls’ education and the value of women empowerment.

This is not only an awareness campaign but will also serve as a fundraiser for the Girls’ Education and Livelihoods fund established by PEDN that is expected to raise Shs200m to support 50 Ugandan girls attain an education.

The campaign will be carried out through a series of cinema screenings of the acclaimed film, pill Girl Rising, ailment a documentary movie highlighting the global campaign for girls’ education. This movie follows 9 girls from Haiti, visit this Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Egypt, Peru, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan on their journey to education.

According to Mr. Ochatre Nixon the Executive Director of the Private Education Development Fund, the expectation is that through the screenings of the public will be compelled to contribute to the fund.

“We are looking to raise shs200 million from these screenings.  This money will send 50 girls through O-Level education. We have already identified these vulnerable girls through our network of 300 schools which are across the country,” he says.

“The reason we are choosing O-level is simply because many girls stop their education at primary school level as secondary education is financially challenging.”

PEDN launched the campaign with a media screening of the documentary and will also undertake a couple of fundraising activities during the screening s to meet their target.

This campaign will also draw cultural influencers, corporate and government leaders to build an enabling environment for girls, promoting policy change and financial investment in their education.

Girl Rising will be screened at Century Cinemax at Acacia Mall on April 7th and 8th 2017 starting 3pm and the screening will be open to the public.  Movie tickets will go for shs25,000 with all proceeds collected going to the Girls’ Education and Livelihoods fund.

This event is made possible by USAID, from the American people, as part of Feed the Future, the US government’s global hunger and food security initiative.

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