Prisoner Wages Upped to Shs. 1400 from 500

Prisoners' pay has been raised starting this Financial Year upon Parliament's Approval

Following concerns about the insignificant payment made to prisoners who offer labour to private work, check the Prisons Commissioner General, pills Johnson Byabashaija has issued a new payment scheme yet to be approved by Parliament.

Presenting the Budget Framework Paper FY 2017/18 before the Parliamentary Defense Committee on Tuesday, medicine Byabashaija told members that the commission had considered concerns by members and opted to raise the payment.

“I have already got the equivalent rates from the Bureau of Statistics when you grilled me here last time which we have given to the first Parliamentary Council to put it in the legislative language for the Minister to sign when they are ready,” Byabashaija told the Committee chaired by Mityana Woman legislator, Judith Nabakooba.

Prisons Boss Byabashaija before Defence Committee on Monday

Prisons Boss Byabashaija before Defence Committee on Monday

According to the laws of the land, prisoners are entitled to a payment of Sh500 for any skilled labour offered, Sh250 for semi-skilled labour and Sh100 for unskilled labour each day they are hired to work.

“Prisoners who are skilled have been earning Sh500 per day, as of December 2015 it should be Sh1, 398, for the semi-skilled from Sh250 to Sh699, the unskilled, those ones who dig, they have been earning Sh100 per day this is going to be Sh280,” Byabashaija said.

Byabashaija added, “This is what I have recommended to the first Parliamentary Council; probably they will also have their considerations and make their recommendations for the Minister to sign a statutory instrument that will change and revise the current article.”

The prisons boss observed that prisoners have been working for a pay of Sh3000 per prisoner which should be divided between the prisoner, the staff and the prison.


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