Princess Bagaya Speaks Out On Prince Kijanangoma

Princess Bagaya of Tooro

Tooro Kingdom Princess Elizabeth Bagaya has spoken out on the current controversy in Tooro Kingdom between King Oyo and Prince David Kijanangoma.

Princess Bagaya described Prince Kijanangoma as an impostor. Addressing a meeting at Mucwa Complex, patient this site Princess Bagaaya said, sick doctor “There has been a lot of distorted information that has been circulating in the kingdom which I term as misinformation intended to poison our people”.

Princess Bagaya further said the issue of succession in Tooro kingdom was streamlined and nobody would resort to the old-fashioned violent style of grabbing power in Tooro kingdom.

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On the issue of King Oyo overstaying in Kampala and travelling around the world, Bagaaya said the King Oyo is ever out of the kingdom majorly to lobby for his subjects.

She said, “The kingdom authority has a list of what King Oyo has lobbied for the kingdom. Even King Oyo’s grand Father King Rukidi had a palace in Kololo in Kampala. This issue of King Oyo having a palace in Kampala is a deliberate effort to mislead the people of Tooro”.

Bagaya said the issue of Succession was sorted by their late Father King Rukidi when he named Oyo’s father Oyo Kaboyo as heir and consequently his son.

Princess Bagaya’s comments come after a number of Batooro came out to show support to Prince Kijanangoma to oust King Oyo.

Recently prince Kijanangoma; cousin to Kingo Oyo showed interest to overthrow King Oyo whom he accused of overstaying in Buganda Kingdom and his failure to advise the Queen mother Best Kemigisa from interfering in the palace affairs and grabbing the kingdom land.

Since he declared his intentions to oust his cousin, the kingdom remains on the verge of serious divisionism cropping up.

There is a worryingly significant portion of Batooro loyal to Prince Kijanangoma who pay allegiance to him at his palace in Rwengoma West division Fort Portal municipality.


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