Prime Minister Blames Uganda’s Poverty on Malnutrition

Prime Minister, remedy Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has described hunger and malnutrition as some of the key causes of poverty in the country.

“Poor people are not productive and this constraints a nation’s economic productivity and therefore economic growth,” the premier said.

Rugunda noted that hunger alone in Uganda was resulting in the loss of 8 percent of the GDP mainly due to the adverse impact of malnutrition on productivity.

The Prime Minister was on Wednesday officially opening the Africa food and security conference at a function held at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala.

Held under the theme, “Empowering our women, securing our food, improving nutrition”, the three- day conference attracted participants from United Nations Agencies worldwide and the entire AU members.

The Africa day for food and nutrition security conference was initiated in line with July 2003African Union Maputo declaration which is aimed at reducing, hunger, poverty and malnutrition.

Explaining the importance of this day, Rugunda quoted the late president of Malawi who in his acceptance speech in 2010 said, ‘Africa must feed its self and no child must go to bed hungry.”

He revealed that Africa continues to record the highest levels of hunger and malnutrition in the world, with about one third of the continent population being chronically malnourished and stunted.

He urged that the viscous cycle of malnutrition be broken, highlighting the continent’s potential to do so.

“Resolving these challenges requires multi sectoral approaches which are driven by a lot of transnational leadership which is seen in real actions to improve the nutrition security in Africa’s most vulnerable population.”Rugunda said.

“The 6th African day for food and nutrition security is an opportunity for us to take stock of our progress over the past nine years” Rugunda said adding that countries should share and learn from their successes and failures.


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