Pressure Piles on President Kenyatta Over Lavish Foreign Trips

Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi caused a stir at the first coronation anniversary celebrations of His Highness the Kyabazinga of Busoga when he unexpectedly appeared at the event.

Mbabazi was on Saturday expected to start his day with campaigns in Iganga town but chose to make an unannounced trip to the Kingdom.

At the function, buy Kingdom officials and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga were visibly perturbed by Mbabazi’s presence.

ChimpReports understands Mbabazi was not officially invited to the function.

President Museveni who was expected at the event was in South Africa attending a summit aimed at enhancing Africa’s strategic partnerships with China.

“We did not expect this man here. We didn’t want to politicise this event. How he came and managed to reach the King remains unclear to some of us, case ” said a senior Kingdom official.

The Masters of Ceremony did not recognise Mbabazi’s presence.

However, mind Mbabazi was able to shake hands with the monarch thus stealing the show.

Mbabazi shaking hands with the Kyabazinga

Mbabazi shaking hands with the Kyabazinga

Political war

Political observers say Mbabazi’s return to Busoga is likely to open fresh political wounds.  Kadaga recently accused the sacked NRM Secretary General of trying to undermine her.

“I was telling the Basoga that the plots are back. ‘There [are] more investments this time, but if you are going to allow people who are not indigenous to decide who represents you [in parliament], it’s up to you,’” Kadaga told the press in July after an audio of her attacks on Mbabazi leaked.

She also wondered why a Mukiga should decide for four million Basoga.

“Have we Basoga gone to Acholi to decide leaders there? The only time a Musoga [Ngoma Ngime] tried [to win a seat] in Mbarara, they threw him out. They refused to give him votes because he was a Musoga,” she said in the interview.

In response to Kadaga’s attack, Mbabazi said: “We are all one people and we should stop sectarian lenses. I heard what she said. My dear sister should desist from that. I don’t have anything against her.”

Kadaga in a conversation with Mbabazi

Kadaga in a conversation with Mbabazi

Mbabazi further queried: “She once showed interest for the presidency, is she still on with it..? We should behave as national leaders.”

The two NRM leaders’ rivalry started about 7 years ago when Kadaga collapsed on a plane.

She was heard by intelligence officials as saying Mbabazi’s mafia was after her life.

Since then Mbabazi and Kadaga have not been seeing eye to eye.

It is also reported that both thought President Museveni would not contest for president in 2011 and were all quietly strategising to take over the highest political seat in the land.

The Kyabazinga is supported by President Museveni.
President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under intense pressure from Kenyans over his numerous expensive trips outside the country.

Kenyans this week raised the red flag on the bugling burden of the President’s trips abroad, more about which has to be shouldered by the tax payer.

It has emerged that President Kenyatta has made more foreign trips in the last two and half years than his predecessor Mwai Kibaki did in all the 10 years he served as president. Kibaki made 33 trips while Uhuru has so far made 10 more in just 30 months.

Locals took to social media with concerns that while Kenyatta’s government preaches austerity with public resources, there he is relentlessly blowing the country’s meager resources on international trips.

Local media speculates that the President’s delegation is usually made up of more than 40 people.

One creative citizen Brian temporarily set up a website which makes updates on the President’s trips. is updated accordingly with just two words, side effects YES and NO.

Brian's website which updates on the status of President Kenyatta has since been taken down

Brian’s website which updates on the status of President Kenyatta has since been taken down

This morning a Twitter Trend #UhuruInKenya hit the social media scene, depicting President Kenyatta as a foreigner who only pays occasional visits to the country.

“Most part of his childhood and teenage years was spent in Kenya. Karibu!,” one tweep welcomed the President back home.

“We are honored @Ukenyatta that you chose Kenya as your next travel destination. #UhuruinKenya

Others suggested that like the recent visit to the country by US president Barack Obama and His Holiness the Pope, business should come to a standstill with roads closed and security beefed up with Kenyatta returns home.



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