Presidential Debate a Two Man Show

The presidential candidates attending a debate in Kampala on Saturday night

As Ugandan set out to celebrate Valentines Day with their loved ones in posh places and venues, diagnosis Reach a Hand Uganda, a non-profit youth led organization took the love to the less advantaged yet most at risk population of people in Uganda, the slum dwellers.

The people of Jambula Zone in shanty Bwaise were today’s beneficiaries of the organization’s “LoveMuKibanda” (Love in the Ghetto) health promotion program.


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The slum dwellers were treated to free health services including cervical cancer screening, voluntary counseling and testing, while peer educators roamed the dusty inroads training the community on safe male and female condom use.


Bwaise is rated among Kampala’s highest sexually active communities with an uncontrolled sex trade that puts at risk the lives of especially youths.


Later in the evening the community was treated to musical performances from Ray Signature, Geo Steady, Van Data and Vj Junior who will doing some of his video translation live.


With the screening of Shuga, a youth sexuality education movie slated for 7pm, more people are expected to gain awareness about sexual and reproductive health as well as being in control of their lives, said Humpry Nabimanya, the chief executive officer, Reach a Hand.
Across the continent, discount hats went off for Uganda, try for successfully holding her first ever televised presidential debate with all candidates participating.

From Zambia to Nigeria to neighboring Kenya, viagra 40mg the debate which was globally trending under the Twitter hash tag #UGDebate16 was the main highlight of the evening, with over 130,000 tweets by closure at around midnight.

“I dream for a day when Zimbabwe can hold something like #UGDebate16! Well done Uganda,” tweeted one Linda.

The session kicked off in high spirits with the arrival and ascension to the platform of the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni, to join six of his fellow contenders.

And the country’s topmost clerics being the organizers of the debate, the rival candidates were to hold hands first and get prayed for. As equals, they were to respect each other, revere their moderators and keep in mind all the session’s rules and procedures.

Late coming

For the first 40 minutes of the event, one chair at the podium remained unoccupied. That was the chair of arguably the crowd’s favorite candidate Elton Joseph Mabirizi. He came terribly late because “he had a few things to sort out first with the organizers.”

“But besides, you know the protocol that the President always comes late!” he bragged after taking to the stage at the opening of the second round.

President Yoweri Museveni, who skipped the first debate on January 15th, was not the only surprise of the evening, but also Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima, who is also the wife of FDC’s candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

She secretly jetted in and side by side she strolled in with her spouse at the Kampala Serena Conference Center much to the bemusement of everyone. Her aging father Mr Boniface Byanyima was also present in the audience.

As the time went by, the session tended to predictably gravitate to a two man show as the two main contestants Col Kizza Besigye and incumbent President Museveni took turns to trade accusations and counteraccusations.

Dr Besigye was most provocative, often tickling the edgy side of the incumbent President, first by blaming him for plunging the country into a massive debt in form reparation, following the attack on neighboring Zaire in the late 90s.

Waving his file in the air, the president begged to interject: “We only attacked Zaire because they were harboring our enemies…today the whole of the Rwenzori region is peaceful and Besigye can go there and campaign all he wants,” he stressed, his voice rising.

Besigye’s hand on the other side was up again pleading for rebuttal. Why did the president have to disregard the country’s laws to launch an attack on another country, no matter how defensive he was trying to be; he demanded to know.

At this time fellow contestant would not take in any more of the exchange.

The two bulls once again battled on the country’s discovered oil and its management. Besigye maintained that under the stewardship of the current regime, it would certainly turn out be another “oil curse.”

The ruling Nationak Resistance Movement (NRM) seemed to enjoy most the confrontation, and were confident Dr Besigye had just received the taste of his own medicine.

“Can Kizza Besigye still claim that Museveni fears him at debate? Steady progress also means steady articulation of issues.YKM nailed it,” tweeted Minister for Presidency Frank Tumwebaze.

According to observers however, something else couldn’t go unnoticed, and was the ease with which president Museveni brought up the subject of the riffle.

The president first recollected how he shot dead three of his soldiers who were found to have murdered some civilians at the start of the liberation struggle in 1982.

While these were said to be drunk when they committed the crime, Museveni said the Army leadership had no choice but to eliminate them for purposes of discipline.

He also recalled having not shot it time Idi Amin’s soldiers back in the 70s, there by losing three of his men. This Museveni said was the biggest regret of his life. Some social media critics termed this as the lowest moment of the debate.

On brighter note however, the president gave his word to the audience and the country as a whole, that come next week, Uganda will hold an entirely peaceful and violence free election.


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