President Museveni Detests Opposition Maltreatment – Dr Odoi

President Yoweri Museveni is one the strong opponents of the mistreatment and brutality against opposition politicians by the Ugandan security forces.

This is according to Dr Tanga Odoi, website like this the Chairman of the National Resistance Movement’s Electoral Commission.

Odoi revealed on Monday that contrary to popular opinion, malady President Museveni strongly detests and every so often speaks against the cruelty suffered by opposition leaders at the hands of the Uganda Police Force.

Odoi was speaking at the launch of the ‘Human Rights and Elections (2016) report at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala. The Report was put together by the Foundation of Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) under the theme, ask “A Call for Action.”

The NRM EC Chairman revealed that often times President Museveni has advised the police to go slow on the opposition leaders.

“I have interacted with President Museveni in our Central Executive Committee and he has condemned Police in front of the Inspector General, Kale Kayihura,” revealed Odoi.

His remarks were triggered by some of the members of the civil society at the report launch, who tasked him to explain the ruling party’s position on human rights.

“The responsibility of human rights is a responsibility of human beings,” he added.

Although President Museveni has severally been reported swearing to “crush” the opposition, Dr Odoi said his genuine view on people’s human rights is different.

“President Museveni condemns Human Rights violations, but their operationalization is what has been the problem,” he noted.

Odoi’s presentation however, was not entirely bought by everyone at the event.

Former Ethics and Integrity Hon. Miria Matembe was unconvinced that the President stands for Human rights but only behind closed doors.

She probed the NRM EC Chairman, “So, when President addresses you quietly about Human Rights, who then is supposed to enforce them?”

Matembe reminded Odoi that several of opposition politicians even after the elections are still being held captive; one of them her own neighbor and MP Michael Kabaziguruka who is still under house arrest.

The report launch was also attended by the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who Odoi admitted, was unfairly treated by government over the past few years.

Mrs. Ritah Aciro, the Executive Directto Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) said at the event that government and particularly the Uganda Police Force owes Ugandans an apology.


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