Prepare Uganda for Transition – DP Urges 10th Parliament

DP's presidential press secretary, Fred Mwesigwa speaking to press on Tuesday.

Democratic Party (DP) has urged all those vying for Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the 10th Parliament to take up the primary task of steering the country through the transition of power from the current president to another.

“We as a party are monitoring the on-going tag of war for these seats, sickness http://daylesfordartshow.com.au/wp-includes/class-wp-locale.php but we call upon Ugandans to bring to the attention of all those jostling for the position, that it’s incumbent upon them to prepare the country for change,” said the party presidential press secretary, Fred Mwesigwa on Tuesday.

Uganda, he said, needs a Speaker who will help people realize the dream of transition of power that many peace-loving Ugandans have long sought for.

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Mwesigwa said that the parliament would thus need an independent minded Speaker who will not be used by the president to achieve his own interested.

“The framers of the 1995 Constitution clearly intended to have a clear separation of powers to ensure checks and balances. Instead, the country’s president has ensured to have a ‘wheelbarrow’ Speaker who is only used to carry out his interests and not the country’s interests,” Mwesigwa noted.

DP hasn’t come out to officially to reveal a candidate of their choice but its Members of Parliament have expressed support for different candidates.

Unlike Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), DP has no intentions of fielding a candidate for the top position in Parliament.


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