Pope Francis Confirms Trip To Uganda in November

Pope Francis

Pope Francis said today that he is planning to travel to Africa in November, prostate website specifically to the Central African Republic, Uganda, and possibly Kenya.

The Pope made the revelation in a meeting with hundreds of priests from around the world participating in the Third World Priests Retreat in the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

In the meeting, the Pope responded to the question from an African priest asking when he planned to come to Africa.

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“God willing, I will be in Africa in November. In the Central African Republic first and then Uganda,” he responded.

The pontiff added that it “is possible” that he may also go to Kenya, but said this is not certain, because of organizational challenges.

Once he comes in November, the pope will have missed by a month the 50th anniversary of Canonization of the Uganda martyrs which is slated for October.

The Church in Uganda had earlier expressed pessimism of the Papal visit to Uganda, having not received any formal communication from Rome since the Pope was invited by President Yoweri Museveni late last year.


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