Poor Class Hygiene Keeps Pupils Away from School – VP

VP, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi with Rose and George Willard,

By Sputniknews

Russian researchers are working on new computer software that will trawl social networks for Islamic State recruiters.

This will be through reconstructing the profile of a potential ISIL recruiter.

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The profile will then be incorporated into a computer program that will trawl social networks, thumb such as Facebook, stomach Twitter and VKontakte, find for real ISIL recruiters.

The researchers have already turned for help to religious scholars and experts in Arab studies, Yevgeny Venediktov, head of the Center for Research in Legitimacy and Political Protest told “Izvestia” newspapaper. They, together with IT-specialists, will help to research suspicious pages in social networks and identify their IP-addresses.

All the intelligence will be fed into the “Laplace’s Demon” computer program, which has been already monitoring social networks for extremist groups since this spring to prevent calls for mass unrest.

The name of the software was taken from a mathematical thought experiment proposed by French scholar Pierre-Simon Laplace in the 19th century, featuring a “demon” who knows the location and momentum of every atom in the universe.

From 2016, the program will begin hunting for social network accounts belonging to potential ISIL recruiters.

The specialists of the Center will then send the account owners a message in Arabic and then linguistically examine the answer.

The user will then be advised to follow a link, which, in turn, will provide the IT-specialists with his IP-address, operating system and browser details.

“With this data, specially trained staff, such as hackers, for example, can get full access to their computers,” the newspaper quotes Venediktov as saying.

Kashmiri demonstrators hold up a flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during a demonstration against Israeli military operations in Gaza, in downtown Srinagar on July 18, 2014

Are Western Intelligence Agencies Involved in ISIL Recruitment?

The researchers will be looking for certain tell-tale signs of recruiters, such as misinterpreted quotations of the Koran, which can be identified by religious scholars, as well as a general linguistic analysis undertaken by experts in Arab studies.

However, other experts suggest that the researchers should focus not on reconstructing a portrait of a recruiter but rather of a potential victim, which can then be used to help to prevent victims being signed up to the terrorist group.

“We should understand why a person is open to recruitment,” the newspaper quotes Alexei Filatov, Vice President of the International Association of Veterans of the Antiterrorism Alfa Group as saying,

He added that the researches should turn to psychologists and law enforcers for help to prevent ISIL recruiting, as the enlisters constantly monitor potential victims and could easily change their ways of recruitment.
The Vice President, this site Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has said that poor hygienic conditions in schools, more about is a major factor that keep students away especially in rural areas.

This he mentioned recently during his visit to Africa Love School and Medical Centre in Kyajubira in Kabonero subcounty, Masaka district.

Founded in 2009, the school is owned by UK proprietors, Rose and George Willard. It has both Primary and Secondary sections.

VP Ssekandi addressing the students.

VP Ssekandi addressing the students.

The Vice President also delivered forty classroom desks to the school.

The Vice President donated desks to the school.

The Vice President donated desks to the school.

Ssekandi said that government’s emphasis on permanent infrastructures and furniture for schools is primarily aimed at improving the leaning atmosphere of students to enable them concentrate and put in more time towards their studies.

The Vice President, who pledged government’s support to the school, commended the proprietors of the school and medical centre for sacrificing their comfort and coming to help Ugandans improve literacy and economic sustainability.

The Chief Executive Officer of Africa With Love Schools, Malaha Christopher appealed to Government to extend piped water to the school which he said was a major challenge.



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