Pool: Second Life for Rock Catalina as Cheers Agree on Merger


Kireka-based Cheers pool club and topflight outfit Rock Catalina have merged to form one club. The two agreed terms and sent their proposal to the Pool Association of Uganda before Christmas break.

“After days of negotiation, seek http://cvgfinance.com.au/wp-admin/includes/network.php the two clubs (Rock Catalina and Club Cheers) have agreed to join into one, http://cdaink.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-updates.php ” the main mediator in the exercise, Peter Kyobe told this website.

The Kireka side is among the three teams that were promoted to the senior pool league from the division one. The others are Roniz pool club from Jinja and Oceans pool club (Mengo).

On the other hand Rock Catalina finished 14th in the league and had been sportingly relegated.

How the merger came about

“Cheers Pool club has been facing hardships in raising a competitive squad since most of their players are not always available.

“Secondly, they have not been able to raise a manageable ladies team which is a requirement in the league they gained promotion to – the senior pool league.”

It was also reported that the Kireka based club fell out with their venue sponsors and thus rendered homeless after the season.

“Rock Catalina was willing to give a hand in providing the match day venue and revamp the ladies and men squads, therefore it’s on that background that the two agreed to merge,” Kyobe adds.

Ingredients of the merger

According to the agreement signed, the club will take the name Rock Catalina pool club for sponsorship reasons and will play their home matches at the Ntinda based pub.

The prize money won by Cheers in their road to promotion will be channeled to the old club’s accounts and not the ‘newly’ formed club.


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