Pomp As Mateke Celebrates Reappointment

Dr Philemon Mateke was handed a tradition seat as the "Father of Kisoro district"

Business was paralyzed for hours in the south western town of Kisoro as locals took to the streets to celebrate the reappointment of the former District Chairman Dr Philemon Mateke in Cabinet.

Dr Mateke was early this month reappointed Junior Minister for Regional Affairs by President Museveni and is the only Minister from Kisoro District.

Hundreds of locals thronged the streets and marched with the minister from the Kabale Kisoro border to Kisoro town, order http://degrisogono.com/wp-includes/date.php a distance of about 20kms.

Hundreds of locals processioned with Dr Mateke in celebration

Hundreds of locals processioned with Dr Mateke in celebration

The procession also attracted local leaders among them Sam  Byibesho, troche the Kisoro Municipality  MP, Sam  Bitangaro  the Bufumbira South  MP,  Richard Ndyana the Mayor Kisoro  Municipality, Sarah Nyirabahitsyi  Mateke  the former Kisoro Woman MP, Canon Bitunguramye  the senior presidential  adviser on Kigezi region  among others.

Kisoro MP Sam Byibesho while speaking at a banquet that was thrown at the Mayor’s Gardens in Kisoro municipality, described Dr Mateke as the founder of Kisoro. The district was split from Kabale District in 1991.

Dr Mateke received by Kisoro Municipality MP Sam  Byibesho.

Dr Mateke received by Kisoro Municipality MP Sam Byibesho.

The MP praised Mateke for uniting the people of Kisoro from the time it was created, and standing firmly against divisionism. This he said was the reason Mateke is still referred to as the Father of Kisoro.

“We are very grateful to President Museveni for reappointing Dr Mateke. He is the father of Kisoro District in particular and Kigezi sub-region in general,” said Byibesho.

On his part, Dr. Mateke   asked the people of Kisoro District to shun politicians who are preoccupied with dividing the people along sectarian lines.

Although the district is made of majorly the Hutu and Tutsi people who have historical differences, Mateke noted the politicians who try to revive these differences are self seekers and dangerous.

Dr Mateke condemned sectarian local leaders

Dr Mateke condemned sectarian local leaders

The minister also took some time off to lambast some leaders in the district led by the Kisoro NRM vice chairperson Ramathan Ndikuye  and Fr. Jospeh  Sebatware, who  he accused  of leading a delegation to Rwakitura to ask the president  to rescinded his decision of reappointing  him as state minister.

“One of them said that if I was reappointed minister he would leave NRM,” he remarked. “I hope he doesn’t.”

Mateke at the event was handed a traditional chair as an important elder in the district.


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