Politicians Still Lack Political Will to Fight Corruption- IGG Mulyagonja

The Inspector General of Government (IGG), site http://celltrials.info/wp-includes/rewrite.php Irene Mulyagonja has called upon political leaders especially the members of the 10th Parliament to express a high level of political will in fighting corruption.

Mulyagonja told the press at her office in Kampala that the fight against corruption should be embraced by all political leaders, approved appointing authorities in the country and must not be left solely to President Yoweri Museveni.

“The absence of political will to fight corruption shouldn’t be minimized to the president but this should be a cooperation from all political actors in the country; we found out that the president only appoints 2.3 percent office bearers but the big part is handling by different appointing officers that have time and again neglected our recommendations, mind ” Mulyagonja said.

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Mulyagonja noted that in the past, the inspectorate has been faced with an influx of MPs who always desire to influence their investigations and prosecution.

“MPs should stop approaching our offices pleading with us not to take action against their own that have been implicated of corruption; when members learn that a member of their constituency is under investigation or prosecuted, they rush to our offices pleading with us which proves that there is no political will to apprehend the corrupt by such MPs which should stop,” the IGG observed.

Mulyagonja revealed that some Permanent Secretaries (PS) have often times refused to lay off their employees whose corrupt track record has been made public.

She has also accused the Electoral Commission (EC) for not being cooperative in punishing the corrupt who have time after time nominated candidates into political position who are even battling with corruption cases.

“A case in point is the Busia LC5 Chairperson who was implicated in corruption but appealed before the Supreme Court; we wrote to EC to turn down his nomination but they refused. His party the NRM denied him a party ticket but later EC allowed him to stand as an independent. He was recently sworn-in as their new leader.”

Mulyagonja called on Parliament to quickly enact a law that will be used to investigate and prosecute political office bearers.

“Unlike public servants where the law stipulates that is any one person convicted of office misuse should not be appointed to any public office for a period of 10 years, political leaders have act to such an effect.”



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