Police Whisk MP Olanya Out of Masindi

MP Gilbert Olanya, left, and Hon Odonga Otto

38 people were injured on Saturday morning in an accident along the Mbarara-Ntungamo road involving a Bismarkan bus that swerved off the road.

The accident happened at around  10:30am  when  the Kisoro-bound  bus Registration number UAK 603C overturned into  a forest valley, ask about one kilometer from Nyamukana trading center  in  Itojo  sub county Ntungamo district.

Baker Kahonawo, cost  the Ntungamo district police commander says that the accident was caused by a mechanical problem in the bus’ steering system.

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All 38 causalities he says were rushed to Itojo hospital for treatment and none of them is in critical condition.


The Kilak county Member of Parliament Gilbert Olanya who has been in custody for four days at Masindi Central Police Station has been driven out of the facility on Thursday morning.

He is expectedly going to be arraigned before court this morning in Gulu to answer charges of inciting violence and related crimes over the Apaa land controversy in Amuru district.

By the time of publication the police car that picked Olanya from Masindi CPS together with colleagues who camped there for solidarity including Odonga Otto of Aruu, hospital was around Karuma falls heading north.

It was not clear if the police was heading straight to Gulu. There is also a possibly of the car passing Gulu direct to Arua since the environment is charged within the Acholi region over alleged brutality inflicted on the people by the police and the army.

Otto confirmed to ChimpReports on phone that they were already in Karuma. “They picked the suspect this morning and we are together in the same car with him. We have reached Karuma and don’t know the route they are going to take since there is nothing we are being told. We are ready for anything.” Otto said.

Olanya was arrested by police from Parabongo Sub County on Monday and driven a hundred kilometers to Masindi district.

Olanya had vowed to block the planting of demarcation stones in the controversial land. Police say he was inciting the locals against the security and the government`s move to demarcate the area.

The land in question is also said to be already taken by an investor and the occupants have since been asked to leave.

The ministers of Internal Affairs, visit web Gen. Aronda Nyakairima and that of Land Daudi Migereko were embarrassed in the same area few months ago when charged elderly women undressed and started rolling in front of them. The ministers and their guards who were all men had to helplessly withdraw from the area.

There is currently heavy deployment in the whole area and neighboring Sub Counties. The demarcation stones were dramatically planted on Monday and Tuesday.

Two people have allegedly died from bullets fired on them by the security and nine others nursing serious injuries at Lachor Hospital.






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