Police Week: Kiira Police Joins Civilians in Village Cleanup Exercise

Police officers together with community members cleanin in Busede.

Police in Kiira region has embarked on vigorous community sensitization and liaison in order to draw the masses closer to the services and cooperation with the police force.

The police in Kakira, ed headed by DPC Brians Ampaire descended on the villages of Namaganda, symptoms Itengeza and Busede village in Busede Sub County for a cleaning exercise in trading centres and community places like health centres and schools, discount which was followed by a community sensitization meeting.

The meeting emphasized the need to have school going children in schools other than having them go cut sugarcane and engage in pet activities like selling pancakes.

Ampaire emphasized the importance of co-existence between the communities surrounding Kakira Sugar Factory, for they both need each other.

“I know that Kakira needs and employs many people here in the factory but they should also be considerate about the quality of the people they employ in the modern society. We applaud them for the social amenities but you must use them or else they keep exploiting you for peanuts” he said.

DPC Brians Ampaire addressing residents of Busede

DPC Brians Ampaire addressing residents of Busede

He also warned ‘bad hearted’ people against burning Kakira sugar plantations saying if there is any grievance with Kakira sugar works, they should seek for a harmonious way of solving it other than turning to sugar plantations.

Later in the day there was a football match that was organized between the Police and the Residents of Busede. The game ended 1:1.

The football game motivated the communities and residents who pledged to keep joining the police wherever they will be going to have community service because the gesture portrays police as pro -people and concerned about people’s plight.

Emma Kisige, a resident of Nabitambala village in Busede said such activities will help cleanse the image of police before the public.

“People have been hiding on seeing police officers especially in big numbers storming our trading centre but when they come in such a friendly manner and provide a service to us, we get to feel and believe they are normal and easy people to live with,” he said urging police to heighten night patrols due to increasing cases of robbery in the sugarcanes.

The police spokesperson for Kiira region, Samson Lubega says police will traverse the whole region in pursuit of identifying with communities and their security related challenges.


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