Police To Rebuild House Destroyed by Chopper; Pilot Speaks Out

Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi speaks to the owner of the  destroyed house (Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe)

The police have promised to reconstruct a house in Bbiina Parish, shop Makindye Division in Kampala district, side effects whose roof was blown off by the force’s chopper on Monday.

The police helicopter on Monday afternoon blew off the roof of Annet Nampijja’s house while it flew at low altitude above the area.

The gust of wind as a result tore off the roof of the house and destroyed a number of household items.

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“I was out at the time and coming home, sales I found that the roof of my house had been ripped off,” Nampijja told ChimpReports.

The roof of the house was thrown to the back yard by the chopper wind

The roof of the house was thrown in the back yard by the chopper

According to Vincent Sseremba, a neighbor, the incident happened at around 2:30 pm when out of nowhere the low flying copper wrecked havoc in the locality.

 “I realized it was flying so low and it sort of touched the house. The strong wind then blew off the roof but the chopper continued with its way. It later returned and went towards Entebbe,” Sseremba narrated.

Pilot Speaks Out

According to Capt. Aziz Ssentamu, one of the pilots in the chopper, there was a bad weather and they decided to fly lower than usual to avoid the low cloud.

Col. Ham Kaija (C) with one of the pilots Capt. Aziz Ssentamu

Col. Ham Kaija (C) with one of the pilots Capt. Aziz Ssentamu

 “When there is such a low cloud, helicopters are restricted and cannot go higher. Unfortunately the pilot had to come down to 2500 feet and the wind blew off the roof,” Capt. Ssentamu explained.

 “There was no intention to cause the damage,” he added.

Col. Ham Kaija, the Commandant Police Air Wing explained that Bbiina is a turning and holding area for choppers where they usually wait before being given green light to proceed to the airport or airstrip.

“Normally they keep on releasing one chopper at a time and that might explain why on that day it was hovering around,” Col.Kaija explained.

The police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi however assured residents that the destroyed house would be reconstructed by their construction team.

Police's construction unit examining the house

Police’s construction unit examining the house

“We have ascertained the damage caused and we will reconstruct it and pay damages caused to other property,” Kaweesi said.

He however noted that the incident happened because the house involved was poorly constructed and was not firm thus the roof was easily blown off by the wind of the chopper.

“It was not an accident as such but a technical decision by the pilot to bring the chopper lower because of the bad weather.


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