Police Take Terrorism Fight To Schools

Siraje Bakaleke addressing students of Ubayyi Islamic School

Following the security tension in the country which is being blamed on the various terror groups, pharmacy Uganda Police force has taken the fight against these acts to elementary schools

Kampala Metropolitan South Commander Hajji Siraje Bakireke today launched the campaign in Ubayyi Islamic School a Quran based learning institution in Bwebajja, salve along Entebbe road.

While meeting with hundreds of these students at the school, page Bakaleke advised them not to be swayed by any person to join terror acts on false faith based teachings.

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Bakaleke, a Muslim himself reassured the leaners that Islam doesn’t condone terrorism.

“Terrorists and other wrong doers are hiding inside Islam, but this religion does not promote such horrendous practices.  I advise you not to associate with any individual with an idea of taking you into terror acts” remarked Bakaleke

He further asked the youngsters to focus more on education and preparations for their bright future.

‘Sacrifice your time only to reading books because it’s your today’s hard work that will determine your freer and happier tomorrow,” added Bakaleke

Sadick Hafida Muhammad Haruna Bukenya the Director for Ubayyi secondary school in Bunamwaya called upon government and its security organs to first carry out thorough investigations before closing any school and once anybody is found guilty of any unlawful acts should be charged individually in accordance with the laws.



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