Police Summons Ankole King

Self appointed King of Ankole Umar Asiimwe Rubambasi Ntare VI speaking to journalists after the meeting with police

The self appointed King of Ankole Umar Asiimwe has been summoned by police on accusations of causing insecurity in the western region.

The regional head of criminal investigations David Ibanda invited the youthful “king” to “discuss the concerns emerging in the Kingdom.”

 “We called him here after getting reports of clandestine activities he was organizing, case ” Ibanda told reporters on Tuesday.

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Asiimwe, prescription who has been pushing for the official restoration of the banned monarchy, side effects claims he is the great grandson of the famous King Ntare V.

Rwizi Regional CID boss David Ibanda

Rwizi Regional CID boss David Ibanda

His actions have since been opposed by the custodians of the old kingdom led by Prime Minister Dr William Katatumba and the Ankole Cultural Trust, who recently wrote to the IGP Kale Kayihura to investigate the youngster, before he wrecked havoc in the region.

According to CID boss Ibanda however, the police are not against Asiimwe or his claims.

“We are only guiding him not to cause any insecurity in the region, and also advising him to carry out his activities under the umbrella of Ankole Cultural Trust,” he said.

Speaking to Chimpreports after closed door meeting, Umar confirmed that he was summoned for security matters.

He noted however, that police should now be providing him with security as King of Ankole.

 “It is not government’s responsibility to decide on kingship but its cultural people’s decision to accept the kingdom,” he said; adding that parliament should hasten to recognise the re-established Kingdom.


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