Police Speaks Out on Video Where Besigye Supporter is Intentionally Knocked

Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga.

Uganda Police Force has broken the silence on the shocking video which was released on social media, buy where a police truck intentionally knocked a man cheering former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.

In the video, and the police pickup truck veers off the road to the pavement, visit knocks down the supporter and drives off without stopping. The victim, while trying to get up, is also kicked by a man with a helmet in civilian attire, who is believed to have been a part of the security operatives.

Police has since regretted and condemned the actions of the officers, pledging to follow up the video to identify the victim, the truck driver and the commanding officer.

“The alleged actions by the police driver in the footage are concerning and highly regrettable by management.”

“Professional Standards Unit (PSU), upon reviewing the footage is working hard to identify the victim, the police pickup, its driver and the car commander, which officers will be suspended from operational duties pending outcome of the investigations,” CP Enanga, the Police spokesperson wrote in a statement released Saturday July 30th.

He added that the video shall be used by the PSU to justify evidence of professional misconduct by the selected officers undergoing disciplinary court processes.

“Although many questions about our policing and accountability have been asked in the previous month, we highly encourage filming and release of videos on sensitive police related incidents as a very important step in promoting transparency in the course of our duties,” Enanga further noted.

He however warned that the process of filming should not interfere with a police officer on duty, cause refusal to obey a lawful order or obstruct an arrest among other things.

The video comes in the midst of an ongoing trial of up to 9 police officers who were filmed less than three weeks ago, brutally beating up supporters of the Dr Besigye who was celebrating his release from Luzira prison.


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