Police Speaks Out On Controversial Besigye, Lukwago Arrest

Kampala Metropolitan Traffic commander Norman Musinga has turned the guns on bodaboda cyclists who ride while drunk.

In meeting with the Bodaboda cyclists from various parts of Kampala held at Kibuye roundabout, advice Musinga revealed that most of the cyclists who are key persons in causing road accidents are mostly under the influence.

“We have discovered that most riders are drug addicts to the extent that they move with gin tot packs and marijuana in their jackets which affects their behavior on the roads, cialis 40mg ” Musinga added

He advised riders to heed to safety requirements to avoid being arrested.

“The laws that are governing motor vehicles are the same that govern bodabodas, so once you continue disregarding traffic lights you will be arrested and taken to court”

Bobi wine one of the local artists championing the road safety campaign during his entertainment to the crowd, called upon all cyclists to put their first whenever they are on the road instead of blaming policemen for mistreating them.

“I was called upon by stakeholders in the country to help you as my colleagues; it is every one’s duty to put on a helmet and a reflector jacket”

Bobiwine added that riders should not take helmets as inconveniencing because they don’t know how stressful it might be inside the grave.

Former FDC President Dr.Kizza Besigye and embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who had organized a rally to demand for electoral reforms at Sharing Hall in Nsambya were arrested this morning.

According to a document by the opposition politicians dated May, this site 12, web 2015, addressed to the IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura, they wished to hold a consultative meeting on the constitution amendment bill at the Nsambya Hall.

Besigye disembarks from his Land Cruiser

Besigye disembarks from his Land Cruiser

“Our clients have sought and obtained permission to use Sharing Hall Nsambya  for the said event on Thursday May,14. The purpose of this letter is to request for cooperation by providing us with the necessary security,” read part of the letter.

However police led by Kampala South RPC Siraje Bakaleke that had deployed heavily in the area, swung into action arresting Lukwago before towing away  Besigye’s car.

Siraje Bakaleke arrests Lukwago

Siraje Bakaleke arrests Lukwago

A scuffle ensued when the break-down truck brought to take the former FDC President’s car failed to move the Toyota Land Cruiser series which prompted police use one of its water cannon trucks to drug it to Jinja road police.

Besigye was detained at Jinja road police while Lukwago had earlier been whisked away to an unknown place.

Speaking to Chimpreports after the arrest Bakaleke explained that they had been tipped off that the opposition politicians intended to hold an unlawful rally which prompted the cops to swing into action to stop it.


Besigye’s car was hitched on a Police water cannon

“The public order management law stipulates it that whoever wants to hold a rally has to obtain permission from the concerned authorities; which they didn’t follow. We could not allow them address such a big number when we are not aware,”Bakaleke noted.

According to Bakaleke, the claims that the opposition politicians had sought permission from the IGP to hold the rally were not biding stressing that they didn’t have any response from the police boss.

Besigye's car being towed away

“We are not going to allow such chaos in the city. The security of Uganda can’t be compromised and if you want to hold any rally you have to write to us in advance and get permission.


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