Police Seize FDC Computers

FDC Headquarters in Najjanankumbi

Police have denied reports that they raided the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party offices in Najjanankumbi on Monday afternoon.

The Kampala South Regional Police Commander, advice Andrew Kaggwa told reporters at the party offices that the party wasn’t raided but instead condoned off as a crime scene.

“We have not raided FDC offices; we learnt that there was crime about to be committed which prompted us to come in and search the premises, ” Kaggwa told reporters.

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“I have powers as an officer that if I suspect that there is a crime to be committed, I can come to prevent the possible criminality,” Kaggwa said.

He revealed that during their close to one hour search, they found some seditious materials which they confiscated including a computer and some documents.

Asked whether the documents would be the designed party invitation cards for their planned parallel swearing in ceremony, Kaggwa revealed that he was yet to ascertain the documents being confiscated.

By publication time, police had reduced deployment at the party offices but police officers who were left at the gate were only allowing in party staff and officials to access the premises.

Earlier, the FDC deputy chairman Electoral Commission, Michael Kabaziguruka was denied access to the party offices with claims that it was still under search by police.

“I had come to clear party candidates who are to be nominated for the residual Local council elections but I have been denied access,” Kabaziguruka said.

“I am worried that our party candidates might miss being nominated for such positions due to the police siege of our offices.”



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