Police Regret Arresting Tv Reporter

ABS TV reporter Phiona Nansubuga who was arrested by police

Kampala Central Police Station was Thursday morning accosted by dozens of journalists protesting the arrest of their colleague.

Phiona Nansubuga, a reporter working with ABS TV was picked up by police among those arrested during the opposition Democratic Party geared “Kogikwatako” protests in the city center.

The police said the arrest of the reporter was unintended, and a “work hazard.”

Journalists stormed the police station on hearing of the arrest and demanded that Nansubuga is released immediately.

RELEASE HER: Journalists surround KMP commander Siraje Bakaleke

RELEASE HER: Journalists surround KMP commander Siraje Bakaleke

These went up to the office of the Kampala Metropolitan South Police Commander Siraje Bakaleke, who later came out and apologized for the mishap.

“If there have been issue of a journalist being arrested, that is regrettable. It was a matter of mistaken identity and can be sorted out,” Bakaleke pleaded.

“We arrested her amongst many others. These are work hazards that happen,” he added.

Nansubuga was released shortly afterwards.



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