Police Passes Plain-Clothed Officers, Warns on Masqueraders

Police have warned the public against civilians that are disguising as police officers and are busy tainting the good image of the Police Force.

The Deputy Police Spokesperson, cheap Polly Namaye told Journalists at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala that Police has recently trained and passed out a number of police officers who will be serving in their different capacities without uniforms.

“We have trained and passed out officers who will be serving in the Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (CIID), patient Crime Intelligence and in other investigation bodies and these will not be putting on uniforms; we know that there might be some civilians who might take advantage and disguise as officers in plain clothes and may engage into illegal actions, page ” Said Namaye.

“We call on the public to understand that all our officers have been issued with warrant cards which we use to identify them as genuine police officers.

“The public is urged to report to us any errant individuals that do security work without warrant cards and we shall immediately commence investigations and take relevant action against them.

Namaye on the same note warned security informants that mishandle and mistreat civilians to stop it immediately since they are not above the law.

“We are aware of informants that work with us time and again, some of whom work as Traffic assistants but these also should not involve in any illegal acts; once they are caught on the wrong side of the law, they will be dealt with accordingly.”

Namaye added that the security informants have a right to do their work but they should not be seen as abusers of human rights.

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