Police Officers Pin Desh and Others in Panamera Murder

Desh Kananura (seated) and the other suspects in court yesterday

Two police officers yesterday appeared before High Court judge Joseph Murangira as Prosecution witnesses pinning city socialite Desh Kananura and four others in the murder of Badru Kateregga an employee at Panamera bar.

In his testimony, there ASP Edgar Akankwasa who was the Officer in Charge of Kira Police station at the time of the murder, told court that Police used to provide security to Panamera but they were not allowed inside because there were bouncers.

The officer narrated that on 29th September 2012 around 8.30pm he received a call from Kira Road DPC Richard Walugembe to organize a Patrol and head to Panamera Bar to rescue a victim from a mob.

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“We rushed to Panamera Bar in less than ten minutes, but couldn’t see any mob; we only saw Desh Kananura and Raymond Kananura at the scene.

“We searched for the person who had been attacked by the mob only to find a dead body lying in one of the shelters outside the bar”

Akankwasa added that he showed Desh and Raymond the dead body and the two looked surprised.  Raymond informed him that that was one of the new workers who had been brought at the bar.

The officer added, “The DPC came and I briefed him and he took over from me. When Desh was asked on what had killed the deceased he said he didn’t know and instead referred to one of his employees who had left by then”

The fourth witness in this matter Inspector Stephen Kalyegira, a political commissar and Liaison Officer attached to Kira Police station at the time of murder informed court that of the accused persons he knew Raymond Kananura, Desh Kananura and Cirus Maganda.

He said on the night of the murder, he received a call from Desh Kananura informing him that somebody came staggering from the Pitch side to the bar and collapsed dead there and that they needed help.


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