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Police Officer Fires Blanks in Besigye Case

The second witness on Friday morning testified against former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye in a case in which he is accused of disobeying police orders.

Prosecution alleges that on April 5, symptoms 2016 Besigye refused to comply with police orders to use Yusuf Lule road but insisted on using the route via Wandegeya to the city centre on his way to the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi for the weekly prayers.

In his testimony, online Senior Superintendent of Police Samuel Bamuzibire who is the commander Field Force Unit in Kampala Metropolitan Area told   Kasangati court that on the fateful day Besigye who was flashing the FDC ‘V’ sign made a procession but police’s efforts to have him stopped proved futile.

“At Kalerwe Roundabout, we blocked other vehicles and allowed only his and the one for the press but more crowds continued joining Besigye on the road as he moved,” Bamuzibire told court.

The senior police officer told court that at Mulago roundabout, the opposition strongman was asked to use Yusuf Lule road for he had a big procession which had gathered illegally adding that Besigye defied the orders and insisted on using Wandegeya.

“He came with a big crowd as they tried to move to the city centre through Wandegeya and we asked him to stop because this was unlawful. He then parked in the middle of the road at Mulago and locked himself inside the vehicle.”

“I then ordered police to tow his vehicle towards Kira road police station.”

However, Bamuzibire found a hard time answering questions from Besigye’s lawyers led by Ernest Kalibbala and Mpanga.

Bamuzibire who fast boasted of being a Colonel just like the FDC stalwart became speechless when Kalibbala asked him to shed more light on the army in which he served.

Besigye follows proceedings in court today

Besigye follows proceedings in court today

When asked whether Besigye was in charge of the vehicle he was travelling in, the police officer said that the FDC strongman was only seated at the back but could not give answers as to why he had not made the orders to move via Yusuf Lule road to the driver.

“I didn’t speak to the driver of the vehicle but I was only signaling and making other gestures for communication to them,” he said adding that the driver of the vehicle was not charged of any offence.

Asked whether there was a court order stopping Besigye from proceeding to Najjanankumbi via the city centre, Bamuzibire said nothing of the sort had been issued adding that the police felt he would disrupt peace and cause traffic jam.

The senior police officer was against caught flat-footed when he acknowledged that flashing the V FDC sign and making processions were not illegal.

The lawyers put the Field Force Unit commander to task to explain whether they had arrested anyone and charged them for illegal procession on the fateful day but answered in the negative.

The trial magistrate Freddy Egesa adjourned the case to June 22, 2016 for further hearing.


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