Police Officer Assaults Journalists, Forced to Apologize in Public

In a bizarre occurrence, healing the police force on Wednesday afternoon bowed to pressure and produced one of its errant officers to apologise in public for assaulting 2 journalists.

The incident happened at Jinja road police station when a female officer Pamela Agudo attached to the Field Force Unit was forced to apologise for her deeds to members of the fourth estate.

Earlier, a group of police officers had mercilessly beaten Daily Monitor photojournalist Abubaker Lubowa and Salt Media reporter Robert Mutebi as they covered the arrest of FDC iron lady Ingrid Turinawe as she moved from Nakawa court.

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This prompted journalists to quiz the Kampala East Metropolitan police boss Siraje Bakaleke who had commanded the operation to take action against some of his officers who had turned violent against members of the media.

One of the said officer was then arrested on orders of Bakaleke before being whisked away for detention.

The journalists in solidarity matched to Jinja road police station storming Bakaleke’s office demanding for an apology from the errant officer but their pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears .

It took over an hour as the irate journalists pitched camp   for the police boss together with the CID chief of the station to order for the production of the suspect who according to police had been detained at Naguru.

“I am here to apologise for assaulting journalists. I am sorry for what happened and I promise never to do it,” the now remorseful Agudo told members of the fourth estate.

The Kampala Metropolitan East Police commander Siraje Bakaleke added onto the voice of his junior insisting that such behavior cannot be tolerated into the police force and will be dealt with in their efforts to professionalize the force.

“We condemn such barbaric acts that are orchestrated by individuals and not a reflection of the police force. We apologise and vow to continue working together with members of the media,”Bakaleke noted.

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