Police: Mbabazi Not Above the Law

Mbabazi and Gen Kayihura at a recent function

Police have described as “untrue” claims by sacked Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers that the law enforcement body intends to charge him with “trumped up” and “politically motivate” charges.

But police spokesperson Fred Enanga was quick to add that, drug http://celiac-disease.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack.php “no one is above the law” and that should they receive information pinning Mbabazi in any fraudulent activities, ask he should prepare to face the full wrath of the law.

Political observers are looking at the possibility of renewed confrontation between police chief Gen Kale Kayihura and Mbabazi’s family.

This year, Jacqueline Mbabazi accused Kayihura of using “lumpens” to frame her husband in clandestine acts aimed at undermining president Museveni.

“I would imagine that the police is for keeping law and order and I think that is why the police exists and what it is charged to do but Kayihura himself is not interested in keeping law and order, he is only interested in doing politics and running the NRM party,” charged Ms Mbabazi in a media interview.

“Kayihura has been arresting, intimidating and in one case of Omodo Omodo [NRM youth leader], his people torturing him. He has been arresting even chairmen of districts such as Mr Ziad Sebuliba of Rubaga and so many people he calls to make statements. It could be that he is doing this on behalf of somebody but for him to be putting a lot of effort in creating a rift between the President and his Prime Minister is very unfortunate for this country.”

Kayihura responded by saying the investigation was legitimate and that he had evidence where Mbabazi’s supporters were using money (bribery) to engage in criminal acts against the president.

Basing on this background, the relations between Mbabazi’s family and Kayihura have not been rosy.

On the 5th, November, 2014, the Police received a correspondence from Akampurira and partners under the caption “Criminal Investigations Against Hon. Amama Mbabazi Sc, MP, Secretary General Of The National Resistance Movement” , where they indicated Mbabazi, as their client whose attention had been drawn to various print and electronic media reports that respective police officers were conducting criminal investigations against him in connection with some Arab investors associated with the National Bank of Commerce, with an intention of charging him with trumped up serious criminal charges of fraud and money laundering which are politically motivated cases.

They further stated that the alleged act was in bad faith and meant to curtail their clients’ fundamental human rights which were a gross violation of the cardinal principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and Criminal Law.

Police fire back

Police publicist, Fred Enanga said, “Police would like to categorically state that even before the receipt of such letter; we did not have any information about an investigation against their client. And we do request that they share such information with us for further follow up.”

He added: “Secondly, and for the avoidance of any doubt, we would like to clearly state that the police is not conducting any investigation against the former Prime Minister.”

Mbabazi is thought to have persuaded wealth oil barons in Dubai to invest $20m in NBC which was later closed by the Central Bank in 2012 and handed over to Crane Bank at the cost of $1.

Central Bank Deputy Governor, Louis Kasekende said then that, “This action has been taken because bank of Uganda has determined that the continuation of NBC’s activities is detrimental to the interests of its depositors.”

Chimpreports understands the Arab investor complained to President Museveni about Mbabazi’s failure to disclose to him (investor) the financial troubles haunting the bank before he injected in his money.

The Arab investor further told Museveni that efforts to reclaim his money were futile as he was being “intimidated.”

Museveni urged Gen Kayihura to investigate the case and hand him a report.

Enanga explained in a statement late Friday that, Mbabazi’s “lawyers and the public should also note that under Article 212 of the Constitution and Section 4 of the Police Act, the Police are vested with powers to investigate allegations of crime.”

He also pointed out that “pursuant to these provisions no one is above the law and it follows therefore, that even if your client was under investigations it would be perfectly legitimate. As Police, we remain committed to executing our mandate in accordance with the law.”

He said in the event that any criminal allegations are made against Mbabazi, police shall let his lawyers know to enable them prepare defence and the public at large.


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