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Police Legal Boss –  Pro- Kayihura Protesters Were Expressing Their Views

Erasmus Twaruhukwa addressing journalists on Thursday

The Police Director in charge of Human Rights and Legal Services Erasmus Twaruhukwa  has said the group of  protesters who stormed Makindye Magistrates Court on Wednesday  did  nothing wrong.

A group of people stormed the court carrying placards and demanded that the police boss is not prosecuted before. They then took over the court and denied lawyers led by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago  exit before police helped evacuate them from the angry mob.

Addressing   journalists on Thursday afternoon, viagra 40mg Twaruhukwa said the group did nothing wrong but were only expressing their views in the ongoing case against the police boss.

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“Neither the IGP nor police organized or coordinated them but as other Ugandans, they decided to express their views. Everybody is free and has a right to express their views,” the police legal boss told a news conference.

Task to explain whether the group as a requirement under the Public Order Management Act had written to police informing them of their  intensions to gather at a public place in big numbers, Twaruhukwa  said he could  not confirm or deny it at that time but said he would check with those responsible.

He however said the group protested in a disorderly manner which he said ought to have been stopped.

“We didn’t anticipate the possibility of the people coming in big numbers  but next time  we shall be better prepared to handle such a situation,” Twaruhukwa noted.

Many people have come up to condemn the police force for turning a blind eye as  the protesters stormed and took over the temple of justice  before  stopping lawyers from  exiting.

According to FDC strongman Dr.Kizza Besigye,the acts were a recap of the infamous  Black Mambas who stormed the High Court in Kampala, a few years ago.

The police mouthpiece Polly Namaye too condemned the acts of the protesters but emphasized that they broke no laws.





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