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Police: Kizza Besigye Plotting Mayhem

Police form a line of defence at Wandegeya to block Besigye from travelling to Kampala Central Business District on Monday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Presidency Minster Frank Tumwebaze has slammed Dr Kizza Besigye, pill whose supporters fought with security forces in Kampala on Monday, approved for seeking a sympathy vote after a poor performance at last week’s presidential debate.

“Truth be told; after Besigye lost it at the debate, he is now looking for cheap sympathy,” said Tumwebaze.

The Minister’s comments came at a time when Police were battling Besigye’s fans on Kampala streets.

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Besigye intended to hold rallies in the Central Business District (CDB), a move police rejected as disruptive.

Police publicist Fred Enanga said Besigye wanted to “hold a heavy procession through the heart of Kampala city, a modality which was not agreed upon with the Police, after his campaigns in Kamwokya and Kisenyi.”

Enanga further pointed out that Police engaged with Besigye and his campaign officials to alter the route plan, since it was not appropriate, “as it would paralyze business and easily promote tension within the city and attract violence.”

Besigye yesterday defied the order to head to Makerere University for a rally instead of returning to the CDB thus sparking off clashes and teargas at Wandegeya.

At least one person was confirmed dead in the clashes.

Tumwebaze, who doubles as Minister for Kampala Affairs, warned that police would not “abdicate its duty because of cheap machinations.”

He added: “Just imagine a rally Nasser Road. It’s madness and intended to attract free publicity. Police have a duty though to protect all.”

He further pointed out that FDC sympathisers should concentrate on selling their candidate instead of waging negative social media campaigns against rivals.

“The more you FDC squads gather all your energies to rant and churn out dirty insults, the more I laugh and despise you. Insults can’t suppress logic,” said Tumwebaze.

The Minister said Besigye has always “played cheap games of seeking to be a martyr for political dividends in vain.”
Uganda Police Force has revealed Monday’s violent scenes in Wandegeya Kampala underscore intelligence reports that opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye is plotting to destabilise Uganda, ask Chimp Corps report.

Police publicist Fred Enanga said notwithstanding the provocations, the law enforcement body tried,” in such difficult conditions, exercising the greatest degree of restraint in approaching the disturbance from the emerging crowds that were throwing bricks and projectiles at the Police.”

He further observed that although the FDC candidate has the right to take the political lines he deems appropriate, such right must be exercised within a legal framework and, most importantly, without violating Kampala citizens’ right to peacefully conduct their business without having their activities being disrupted and their safety and property endangered by such disorders.

“These acts of gratuitous defiance carried out by Col. Besigye coincide with the intelligence gathered all along that the FDC as a party was mobilising the P10 youth to promote mayhem in the city,” added Enanga.

Besigye first clashed with police near Kitgum House on Monday morning.

A planned rally along Nasser Road was blocked on grounds that it would disrupt traffic flow and tempo of business.

Police say despite engaging Besigye to stop a huge procession in the Central Business District, the FDC presidential candidate remained defiant.

He was briefly detained before being escorted to his residence in Kasangati.

Besigye left his home in the early afternoon to hold his scheduled rally at Makerere University but on reaching Wandegeya, he chose to march with his supporters into the city, en route to Kafumbe Mukasa through Wandegeya, Bombo and Kampala main roads.

Enanga said the Police “faced the provocative behavior and actions of the protestors, after they went on rampage, yelling, and threatening, looting and damaging property in the suburbs of Wandegeya.”

Besigye recently denied reports that the P-10 groups were intended to wreak havoc in Uganda.

He said P-10 members are FDC local mobilisers charged with rallying support for the party candidates and protecting votes.

Yesterday’s clashes raised fears of possible acts of violence during Thursday’s general elections.


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