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Police Kick off Investigation into Assault of Pupils, Cops by Boda Boda 2010

addressing the press at Naguru Police headquarters on Monday.
Police Spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye

Police has opened an investigation into the uncalled for assault of pupils and teachers by a group of boda boda riders after mistaking them for demonstrators because of their red attire.

On October 3, a group of pupils and teachers of Westland Primary School who were traveling for the 3rd annual community policing day that took place at Nkumba University Grounds in Katabi Town Council were assaulted and seriously injured by members of boda boda 2010 that claims to be strong support of the NRM regime and working with the police.

The incident which took place at Busega Round-about has over the days turned into a social media sensation and incited public outrage with members of the public angered by the impunity that these boda boda criminals enjoyed.

According to a section of media and some members of the public, this group has the protection of the Uganda police and was acting under the instruction of police bosses.

However, the police spokesperson Asan Kasingye in a statement that he issued Thursday, he said that the allegations are not true and police is already investigating the incident and will arrest those that participated in the crime.

Part of the statement reads, “The boda boda group that assaulted pupils was not working for police or acting under the instructions of police. In fact we have already started investigating the incident and whoever was involved will be reprimanded.”

According to kasingye, two policemen who were escorting the pupils were also beaten up and hurt seriously.

The Police mouthpiece condemned the act of the group who took law in their hands.

“I call upon all members of the public to resist from taking the law in their hands. If you suspect that a crime is being committed, I encourage the public to inform us so that we can take action”.

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