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Police Hunt for Guard in Entebbe Lands Office Robbery

Preliminary investigations into the robbery that took place last week at the offices of the department of land survey in Entebbe point out that one of the two guards who were deployed to guard the offices had connived with other robbers who broke into the offices.

Last week on Wednesday morning, discount the offices were attacked by 7 mask-wearing people who broke in, cheapest searched for all land tittles that were being kept at the department and as they loaded them into the vehicle, stomach they were held at gun point by another guard who had taken cover at the neighboring building; leading to their arrest.

During the scuffle, the guard’s partner escaped and upon interrogation by police detectives, the 7 suspected robbers admitted to have used his help.

Police has all the 7 in cells at Entebbe police and the car registration number UAH 834D has been impounded according to Patrick Onyango.

Onyango adds that nothing more was robbed. At the scene of crime, land tittles were recovered, but the motive of their robbery still remains a mystery.


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